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Alma Beach
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 View from Alma beach Tel Aviv
Alma Beach is one of the most laid-back beaches in Tel Aviv, and certainly one of the nicest.
This beach is Tel Aviv's last beach from the south, just before Tel Aviv ends and Jaffa begins.  Laying on the sand and catching some afternoon sun, you can also enjoy a beautiful view of Old Jaffa, its port and towers.  The beach is relatively clean and untouched.  The only facilities offered on the beach are sunshades and showers, no plastic chairs or sunbathing beds, not even a life-guard, for the time being.
Though Alma is a beautiful beach, its currents are known to be dangerous and there is no life-guard, so be careful!  Also, unlike other beaches Alma has no wave breaker, so if its rough and windy weather you are better to try another beach and come to Alma another day.

The Kiosk

The beach is especially famous for the up-scale restaurant Manta Ray.  Seeing the success of the first restaurant, The Kiosk of Manta Ray was opened.  In the Kiosk you can order a few simple dishes and nice cocktails, all in a laid-back atmosphere.  They have a tiny lounging area where you can spread yourself on a mattress and view the sea while drinking a cool cocktail.  Also, the Kiosk has plastic chairs on the sand for people to sit and have a drink, if you prefer.

In the afternoon young people and small families come to unwind with the sunset. And on weekends there is a nice mix of Arab families, Jewish families, Yogis and others who enjoy the calm of the beach together. 
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