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Hilton Beach
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  • Mads  - Beach in winter?

    Hi I am planning to go to TLV in February. Is it warm enoght to go to the beach and swim in the water in Feb?

    Hi, generally speaking, February might be too cold (depending on what your personal preferences are, of course). But there are often surprisingly warm days throughout winter, so you just might get lucky :)

  • Vitaly  - Is this beach accessible for wheelchairs?

    Hi, say me, please, is this beach accessible for wheelchairs? And does it have special wheelchair for entering into the sea?

  • guillermo r cabrera

    im planning to spend 2 weeks in israel..any hay recomendations for hotels or apartments to rent during the month of april?

  • Ran  - Gay beach early April?

    How is the gay beach in first few days of April? Is it too cold for people to go, so it is empty, or are there people there? Is the ocean likely to be warm enough to swim in?

    Tel Aviv Guide Reply
    April is usually excellent weather in Tel Aviv - summer gets an early start in Israel and the sea warms up pretty quickly :)

  • Anonymous  - Hi all!

    Would it be a nice thing to go to Tel Aviv for the end of the year...weatherwise and club/bar wise?
    I love swimming (pool or sea) and bars at nites....any recommendations for me I would be very grateful.

  • billy  - visiting tel aviv

    can anyone recommend a decent appartment that sleeps 3 people,near any gay bars ,clubs,etc,will be our first visit,

  • Catherine  - Surf Course


    I am in Telaviv from the 17th of July looking for a surf course - waves - please anyone know anything - very hard to find one. Take care

  • Zoe  - good!

    It's a good beach if you want to be left alone by annoying men as a foreign looking woman!

  • Guest

    We will be in Telaviv Nov 23 to Dec 5. we do not want to pay the cost to bring our boards to surf. We will be in and around Hilton Beach.

    Pls contact us if 1) you have one we can rent/lease/borrow 2) you have some we can take off your hands that you do not use. We are willing to NEGOTIATE.

    Pls email !!

    Long board or Shortboard are just fine!

  • Labatt

    As a gay man, I had a lot of fun checking out this beach. Certain things are cross-cultural, and it was pretty fun (and funny) to watch the gay boys on parade. Same beach music, same dancing when a loved divas song came on.

    A nice way to spend a day in Tel Aviv!

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