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Hatikva Market
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If you want to experience the authentic feel of a real market, Hatikva is the place.

Located in the south-east area of Tel Aviv, in Hatikva neighborhood, this is a market which has kept its authenticity.  On the different stands and in the shops, you can find fresh goods as well as wonderful preserves, such as pickled lady finger and Persian garlic.

In the market and around, there is a variety of small restaurants offering homemade cooking, mostly of Moroccan and Iraqi origins.  It is a pleasant market where real people buy real food, no show or pretence, just good fresh products.  It might not be that easy to get around and discover the market's hidden treasures as a tourist, so try to get a guide to take you there.

It is a bit out of the main area, but if you really enjoy the market buzz it is worth the trip, especially on Friday mornings when buyers are preparing for Friday night dinner and Shabbat.  

Address: Hatikva St. in the south-east part of Tel Aviv

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