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Shenkin Area
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Comments (9)
  • Dianna Jamieson

    I have waited my whole life to visit Israel, I am sure when I get there I won't care about snobs, they are all over the world and if you have to deal with snobs ,Hey they may as well be Jewish ones. Anyway my point is I wlii kick back , relax,enjoy the coffee, people watch and think how lucky I am to be there!

  • Andy  - Van You're an Idiot

    The people in Shenkein and TA generally are friendly and warm. You sound like a snob. (and a douche)

  • ann  - Shenkin, I miss you

    and the wonderful people of Tel Aviv.
    Many the times, the hours, I spend in your Cafes with friends I'd made

  • Justin  - Re: Overrated

    What do you think Tel Aviv is Van?

    High prices, overrated and snobbery.. Welcome to TA.

  • Guest  - Shenkin has actually gone downhill in th

    But, it used to be a nicer area in the past. The prices there aren't really much higher than anywhere else and finally, Orna and Ella is not at all overrated, they really have good food. And regarding the snobbery... well, can't really argue with that. It's a portrait of Tel Avivis gross tendency to exceeding self importance...

  • Van  - Overrated

    Lived in Tel Aviv over a year and can easily say Shenkin is the MOST OVERRATED area in all of Israel. Full of pompous morons and rowdy wannabes, there is nothing - nothing at all - that can redeem this awful area. That is unless you find high prices, overrated food & drink, and obnoxious douches to be redeeming. I certainly dont.

  • Ben  - wrong

    sooo wrong, i'm living on balfour and i spend ALOT of time there with friends, you REALLY have NO CLUE what you are talking about. if i could remove your comment i would!

  • Justin  - Sheinkin stroll

    Definitely visit Shenkin - and try get down there on a friday afternoon with good weather... the place comes alive.

    But dont just stick to Sheinkin. For a great Tel Aviv experience get those walking shoes on and turn down the side streets (especially to the south of Shenkin) -- you'll get a chance to see some of the really authentic Tel Aviv residential atmosphere. -Ahad Ha'Am St (Rechov Achad Ha'Am) could be one of the best - it runs parallel to Rotschild and there are some lovely cafes located there for a refresher...

  • Douglas Duckett  - Orna v'Ella -- great restaurant on Shein

    I enjoyed this great write-up of a fun neighborhood. The Sheinkin district is a fun mix of trendy shops and restaurants and people-watching. It's quite a yuppie neighborhood, in the good sense of that term, and very enjoyable.

    I recommend a great restaurant on that street, Orna v'Ella (Orna and Ella), and there is a separate write-up on the restaurant on the site. Very good food, fun atmosphere, and reasonable prices.

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