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The Yemenite Vineyard
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  • cathy  - My favorite place

    I felt like I died and went to Farmers market heaven when I visited the Yemenite market

  • Miry  - Best places to eat in the Kerem

    1. For delicious home baked pies and fresh espresso drinks, check out Leron's Cafe just outside the Carmel Shuk on Rechov HaCarmel.

    2. For the ultimate in authentic Yemenite cuisine, go to Zechariya's place on Rechov HaKovshim (at the cross with Rechov. Rabi Meir). Delicious homemade flat breads come with any meal.

    3. For the best burekas in town, it's Maafat Balkan at the corner of HaCarmel and Yaavetz. Yehuda will take care of you.

    4. For the best kabobs I've ever tasted, get inside the shuk! Zohar's kabob stand (it's about halfway through the market next to a falafel stand- you can't miss it) is AMAZING. The homemade schug is incredible if you can handle it. They also serve Jahnun on Fridays.

  • Guest

    i would love to come to visite you ,iam just waiting to get usa citezinship then for soure i and my husband want to come over.currently we live in new hartford new york ,please if there is any yemeniteinthe area please email at this email site.

  • Justin

    Dont worry about getting lost in Kerem HaTeymanim (Yemenite Vineyard)- it is quite small and at one end is the Market, the other is a carpark - so you cant get lost...

    But stroll through it to get to Neve Tzedek... A barutifully resotred, very trendy and expensive neighbourhood. The first of Tel Aviv infact.

    While in Kerem HaTeymanim - dont miss the little authentic eateries offering Yemenite food at low low low prices

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