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The Jewish Diaspora Museum
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The Jewish Diaspora Museum is one of the biggest museums in the world specialising in the history of the Jewish People. 

This Museum offers works of art, activities and other cultural endeavors, which tell the story of Jewish communities from around the world and through out the years.  The museum offers information about the Jewish community form as early as 2,500 years ago; when the Jewish tribes were exiled form the land of Israel.  The museum offers a thorough and insightful experience, allowing visitors to understand the development and metamorphoses of the Jewish people.

You can look at the exhibitions the museums holds, join a seminar or even ask for your family genealogy to be researched.    

NIS 24-35 (child/adult)
Sun-Thu 10:00-16:00 (Wed till 18:00)
Fri 10:00-13:00

Address: Klausner St. Tel-Aviv University Campus
Tel: (03) 6408000

Comments (8)
  • Din Mulin  - 1/3 of exhibition is useless - broken

    1/3 of exhibition are video presentations
    which is impossible to hear because head-phones are all broken. The rest is very interesting.

  • Ginger Milsap  - Mrs. Ginger Milsap

    To Whom it may concern,

    I am very interested in Jewish roots and history and appreciate very much anything this museum does to commemorate our Lord's people. Is there a web site that shows anything more of this museum? If there is any sources would you please share this information? I would like to support these efforts. How could I contribute to this endeavor?

    Ginger Milsap

  • Polina  - How many time?

    How many time do you need to visit this one? :)

  • Antonio Carlos Correia de Alme

    I'm Antonio Carlos, the name of great-grandmother was Ignez S. Lafite, daughter of Leopoldina Santoro Lafite and Nicolau Santoro Lafite.With the wedding my grandmother Saphira Changed the family name and my mother her daughter is not name. Bat I am a maternal line of Lafite.
    I live in Brazil, my ancestors Were Jewish. Who came to Brazil? and were it came? I know
    that Lafitte Was from Southem France and Spain, what hes changed. :D

  • Rosebud O Reilly  - Tel Aviv Diaspora Museum

    I regard the above comments as over critical this is a fascinating museum furnishing us with much info and I was totally fascinated by the models of all the synagogues especially in 10the century China and 11th Century India, it will be nice when they put the Irish model in too! The shop was good, I did get lost and would have appreciated a map

  • Douglas Duckett

    I second that, savtadotty.

  • savtadotty  -

    While I agree with Mr. Duckett that the Diaspora Museum need refreshing, I still think it is more of a "Must See" than the Tel Aviv Museum. As he points out, it offers all tourists, not only Jews, a history and geography experience unavailable at any other museum in the world.

  • Douglas Duckett

    The Nahum Goldmann Museum of the Diaspora, better known as Bet Ha-t'fusot, is located on the campus of Tel Aviv University north of the main part of the city. It is a wonderful look at the life of the Jewish people in Exile, and is a must stop in Tel Aviv. While the museum is different from most in that it mostly features recreations of objects instead of original artifacts, it still captures the life of Jews outside Eretz Yisrael for nearly 2,000 years. To that extent, it places in context a crucial (and on-going) period of Jewish history. I found it one of the most powerful stops in Israel, particularly in my first visit.

    While it is not a Holocaust-focused museum, there is a very effective way in which visitors are reminded, on every floor, that so much of what they are seeing was destroyed in the genocide of European Jewry. I'll leave it to you to experience, but that reminder is brilliantly designed and very powerful.

    I would have given this 5 stars, but the museum ...

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