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Habima Theater
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Habima is Israel's national theater credited with outstanding productions since 1917.

English Subtitles

Habima is probably Israel's most important theater, and one of the most impressive endeavors in 20th century Jewish Culture.  From its wide selection of plays, many have simultaneous subtitles in English.  It would be best to call the box office to inquire about specific plays and dates. 

Establishing the Theater

Habima Theater was first established in 1913 in the town of Vilna, after the first play (which was a complete failure), the theatrical attempt fell to pieces.  But only 4 years later Nachom Zemach, joined by Hana Rubina and Menachem Gansin, reestablished the theater in Moscow.  The group received support from Russia's leading theatrical figures (such as the legendary Stanislavski), and over the years had gained international admiration and fame, especially for the play "Dybbuk" (the play went on for over 40 years).  The theater's exceptional artistic philosophy was formed in these years, abandoning a purely realistic approach and combining movement and sound.  

Theater Life in Israel

In 1928, most of Habima's members arrive in Israel, leaving Nachom Zemach and other group members in New York.  Separated from their mentor, the group changes the administrative organization of the theater and decides to form a collective in which the actors will direct themselves.  

Some critics claim that today Habima has lost something of its rebellious spirit by becoming the national theater, but all agree that it still hosts some of the best plays produced in Israel, with the most highly esteemed actors. Habima boasts a long list of plays by some of Israel finest artists. Through many changes along the years and collaborations with some esteemed 20th century theater personas, Habima theatre is still staging new and successful plays each year.      

Address: 6 Tarsat Blvd. 
Tel: (03) 620-7777


Comments (3)
  • Roz & Harry Abraham

    We will be in Israel from Oct. 27 until Nov. 7. Is there an opera or play during this period of time? We've been in Israel 20 times and were always unable to see a production.

    Please answer ASAP. Wishing you a good YomTov and sweet Succott.

  • elli rosen  - scheduale

    i have guests coming in november and i would
    appreciate a schedual of performances. In addition are there back stage tours available in english...thank you in advance.

    Dear Tel Aviv Guide User,
    You can take a look at the English schedule for Habima Theater through this link:

  • Mico Georges  - reservation

    We are coming from the 26th of December to the 3rd of January. We would like to see an opera and listening a concert. what are the performances during this period and is possible to ma ke reservations.
    Thank you i advance for you answer.

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