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Restaurants Israeli Cuisine Abu-Hassan (Ali-Karavan)
Abu-Hassan (Ali-Karavan)
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Comments (14)
  • GM MDI

    The ambience is vibrant and friendly, but you will be expected to be on your way once you have finished eating so others can take your place.

  • Andy Magoo  - Great food!

    I'm sure this is the place where my boss Peter an Israeli of Iranian descent used to take me for lunch when we were working in Yafo doing-up old properties for wealthy locals. He paid every day and we had homous fuul with pitta. This was back in the early nineties .i ate a lot of the dish when I lived in Israel and had plenty of fuul in Egypt.This was by far the best . When we were there this was a cafe for working men and locals and was always noisy and busy, if you're looking for a fine dining experience don't bother , if you want great authentic local food at a good price in definitely do.

  • Disgrunled Diner  - Other Good Hummus Places

    Abu Hassan is very good but there are other really good ones as well.

    My favourite is the Syrian in the Yemenite Quarter near the Carmel Market.

    Check out some of my Hummus reccomendations on:


  • Alex  - AWFUL!!!!!!!!

    I went here expecting so much from all the rave reviews. I wouldn't only say that it is the worst humus place I have ever been to eat... it is the worst restaurant I have ever visited in my life. It is dirty, noise and overcrowded. The waiters are screaming at the customers to get out as quickly as possible so that the waiting customers can get seats. The humus is completely average. Go to any other humus place in Tel Aviv and you will enjoy better humus. Really, it is a horrible, agitating experience. Save your money and go somewhere nicer.

  • janie  - abu hassan

    yum yum yum :love:

  • Jessica

    Went to Abu Hassan today, enjoyed a delicious plate of hummus with ful. Truly a treat in every way.


    HOW CAN I?

  • Momotaro  - Make Abu Hassan's hummus

    Here is the hummus recipe: hummus-ful

    See Ottolenghi at Abu Hassan

  • Jeff  - The Best

    Tried hummus everywhere. Without a doubt, the best hummus. I prefer the hummus foul to the masabacha though.

  • Noa  - I didn't think I liked hummus

    Abu Hassan changed my mind. Now I go at least once a week with or without friends and it's always a satisfying experience.

  • Sarah Fisher  - Nothing Compares

    Ali Karavan (Abu Hassan) is the best in all of the world. I get their Masabacha every Friday morning. It's packed and crazy and quite a cultural experience. :) Hummus anywhere else doesn't compare!

  • paulie  - abu-hasan

    without a doubt its best humus you can get

  • Guest  - they serve foule too

    they don't server only humus/masabacha, they also serve foule, and you can get a combo of the two called a "triangle" i believe.

  • Alon  - This is the best Hummus by far

    So if you are in jaffa , take the opportunity and go for a bite.

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