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Tel Aviv, like all of Israel, has many places that specialize in humus.  Here is a list of the best and most popular places in the north of Tel Aviv, especially in the port area.

In the north of the city, near the port area on Yermiyaho St., there is a place to eat humus virtually every couple of steps.  Most are good but some are better, the idea would be to go only to the best. All of the places mentioned should cost up to NIS 50 pp.

Humus Assaf

Good and simple humus and one of the local community's favorite places.  Well-known for his "complete" portion of: humus, Fava beans and a boiled egg.  He also has a very refreshing drink of lemonade and pomegranate. The place is very small and pleasant and service is good.  

Open: Sun-Sat 11:00-2:00 (Fri only until 20:00)
Address: 52 Yirmiyaho St.
Tel: (03) 546-4314

Humus Ashkara

A very famous place for humus in Tel-Aviv, open 24 hours a day.  Some say it's the best humus in the country.  Truthfully the humus isn't that good anymore.  It's rather on the heavy side, and has a very strong taste, but some people still favor it. If you're dying for some humus late at night you can give it a try.

Open: 24 hours
Address: 45 Yirmiyaho St.
Tel: (03) 546-4547

Humus Neto
Surprisingly, this humus is not very popular with the locals, it's quite empty sometimes.  But it actually has very good humus, light, simple and tasty.  They have very good Masbacha (hot humus with plenty of lemon) with a delicious garlic sauce.  They also have the option of humus topped with minced meat, and a very good version of this dish too. Even if the place seems a little empty, you can usually count on good fresh humus.

Open: Sun-Sat 10:00-00:00
Address: 17 Yirmiyaho St.
Tel: (03) 544-4435

Comments (2)
  • Guest  - Ashkara

    Ashkara is closed on weekends - from Friday noon till Shabat evening (at about 21:00-22:00). Besides that it is quite amazing (though heavy...) and it's open 24H. NJoy :-)

  • Former Tel Aviv  - Humus

    I lived on Humus Ashkara for 3 years and it's the best Humus North of Eilat St.

    Only traitors go to Asaf!

    (You didn't mention Asli)

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