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Orna and Ella
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One of the best restaurants in the Shenkin area is Orna and Ella's bistro, a long-standing and well-liked Tel Aviv restaurant that has earned an almost legendary reputation.
For years now, this charming little restaurant has kept its high quality food and professional service.  Opened over 11 years ago by two women called Orna and Ella, this place has excellent food for fair prices.
Mostly influenced by Italian cuisine, the restaurant always offers new interesting dishes on top of its regular plates, some of which have become legendary. The menu offers a perfect balance between vegetables, pasta and meat.  Order the fresh homemade pasta or the famous sweet potato fritters, or try the imaginative meat and fish dishes if you are in for a meal.

In addition to the bistro menu, a very good breakfast menu is served until 13:00. It's a lovely experience to sit in the restaurant's backyard-cum-patio and enjoy some fresh pastries with thier excllent coffee.

Try to make a reservation since the place is usually packed. Oh, And you really must take one dessert, some people are almost addicted to Orna and Ella's sweet selection.

If you have a Hebrew-reading freind, the Orna & Ella cookbook is considered an exemplar of tasty and unpretentious Israeli cooking.

In short: A loved bistro in Tel Aviv that is a haven of good taste and tranquility in the bustling city of Tel Aviv.
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Open: Sun-Fri 10:00-00:00, Sat 11:00-00:00
Address: 33 Shenkin St.
Tel: (03) 620-4753


Comments (6)
  • yael dunkelman

    I visited your restaurant last week and had the most delicious dinner. I live in Canada and would like to purchase your cook book. Please let me know how much does it cost and if you can ship it to me to Toronto, Canada.

    Thank you. Yael Dunkelman

  • Catarina  - Fantastic meal

    After having tried the sweet potatoe pancakes at a friends house I had to try the rest. We had avocado and shrip salat - great, the sweet potatoe pancakes - fantastic, the chicken curry - fantatic and the maroccan fish cakes - outstanding! The only drawback is that the cookbook exists only in Hebrew. So get on with that translation!!!!

  • Megan  - Food Poisoning!!

    I was so excited to try Orna and Ella after I read the reviews on this website! Unfortunately, they were out of almost all of the entrees we selected, and the food did not live up to the hype! To make matters worse, I got a severe case of food poisoning from the meal!

  • Scott A.  - Local recommendation makes good

    The front desk person at our hotel said she eats at Orna & Ella every week with her family. We now understand why.

    Well-cooked, honest & reasonably-priced food. The atmosphere and service are unpretenious, but welcoming.

    Caveat: the sign outside is in Hebrew only. Easy to miss.

  • roberto tedeschi  - wow!! saw you in a movie!

    Wow, I was so amazed to see my favourite resto in T.A in a great movie like "The Bubble" by Eytan Fox!!
    It's a great place, great athmospehere, nice and cute waiters and waitress, excellent disches at reasonable prices.A must when in Tel Aviv.Hope to be back there soon!
    And don't mind about the end of the film! :-)

  • Douglas Duckett  - One of my favorite Tel Aviv restaurants!

    I am SO glad that your site added this wonderful restaurant, one of my favorite in Tel Aviv. The restaurant does serve fabulous food at a reasonable price. Great service, fun atmosphere in a funky, yuppie neighborhood. I make it a must stop on every one of my too-infrequent visits to the city.

    This is a great restaurant for a group of friends, because there is something for almost everyone. I agree on the desserts -- wonderful.

    If you go, keep at eye out for my friend Aeyal Gross, a professor of international law at Tel Aviv University. He and his partner Ofer eat there two or three times a week. If you meet them, send them "dash hama" from me!

    Douglas Duckett
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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