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Pizza Fino
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One of the best pizza places in Tel Aviv, and it's kosher too.

Pizza Fino was opened in 1984, and since then has kept its high quality and personal touch.  The owners of Pizza Fino haven't gone into mass production (as pizza places tend to do).  There are only two branches, which explains why their pizza still has that fresh non-industrialized home made taste. 

This pizza place is kosher, and serves delicious crispy slices of pizza fresh from the oven.  Some might find it difficult to give up the Pepperoni topping, but the pizza is really so good you might not even miss it.

Open: Sun-Thu 12:00-00:00, Fri 12:00-15:00, Sat around 18:00-00:00
Address: 169 Ben-Yehuda St.
Tel: (03) 522-8165, (03) 523-9582

Comments (2)
  • pizzaman

    do they have delivery? In new york they all have delivery. any way pizza is great

  • mario eduardo sarmiento  - yo trabaje en su pizzeria

    yo trabaje en pizza fino en el año 90 soy de tartagal salta y tengo los mejores recuerdos de ese lugar,quizas me recuerden era lavacopas y picolo,los mejores recuerdos de jorge,victor y you remember ?'''

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