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When this laid back restaurant-café opened in the port of Tel Aviv, it was obvious it was going to be a success.

During the summer months, Shalvata is usually full of people, be it a work day or a holiday.  The place offers a good combination of view and space all topped off with a white relaxing decor.

You can sit there gazing at the sea for a romantic experience, or enjoy a recuperating stop if you are out with the kids and have had an exhausting day. The restaurant is all outdoors and the sea is only a few steps away.

The food isn't amazing and the service could be better, but people go there for the atmosphere and the view more than anything else. Beware of weekends, then the place can get quite overcrowded and though you may be sitting in the open air you might feel completely cramped!

Open: Sun-Sat 10:00-Last customer
Address: near Hanger 25, Tel Aviv Port
Tel: (03) 544-1279

Comments (3)
  • J

    Does anybody know how i can find pictures taken in Shalvata at the club on the internet??? where should i look for them?

  • Trish  - Where's it gone?

    We tried to find Shalvata last week while in Tel Aviv but nobody knew where it was. We asked extensively in the port area but after being given lots of conflicting directions finally gave up and went to another bar.

  • Mike  - Been there ...

    Excellent place, super hip ..the amount of beautiful women was overwhelming!

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