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The Azrieli Center
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  • Rahel Fenini  - Opening Hours!

    Hello there!
    I will be in Israel from the 17th of April onwards. Will the Azrieli Center be open during Pessach/Passover? Thanks for your help!!

  • Alice Ramer

    My son is getting married in Israel and I am looking for a large department store that people could order gifts on line. If you have any of this information, please forward to me.

    Thank you.

  • Swedish Woman  - Visit Azrieli and see for your self, think on His

    :D Very nice staff, helpful and caring. When I visit Azrieli first I send a email few days before my visit to Israel then I got an invitation, and then someone took me to the top of the building. Very nice view, another "modern" Israel Blessed by the Lord don´t forget...

    Jer 32:22

    22) And You gave them this land which You swore to their fathers to give them, a land flowing with milk and honey;

  • guest  - Disappointing

    Compared to the Malha Shopping Mall in Jerusalem I fould Azriely rather poor. The only good thing about the place is the observatory (you pay 22 NIS for a great view over whole Tel Aviv). If you want the great shopping experience I suggest Malha or the streets and markets suggested here on the Tel Aviv guide page.

  • french girl  - shopping

    in this place you can find every thing you need, and you can see all the wiew to Tel Aviv at the top of one tower. it's wonderful

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