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    What a shame! Finally after two weeks of guest lists and reservations we found a nice, cool, relaxed local bar on Dizengoff. How excited we were! On our last night we went back there and local friends joined us. On a bill of 231 NIS they left 250 NIS on the table and went home. My partner and I decided to stay for another drink. The waitress spoke to us in Hebrew and I asked her to translate. She said "this is not right I earn at least 10% for a tip". The people who paid had gone, we were foreigners and the tip was only 4NIS short!!! I, to my shame, explained the situation and asked for another drink. I gave her a tip that was more than 10% of the whole amount and was left with dirty looks. For the huge money they charge in these bars, how dare they complain when people we are no longer with only left 8-9%??? I have had some amazing service in TLV and tipped accordingly, but some whiny 18 year old, complaining about me to the management when she could not afford one of the d...

  • Jack  - Another Armadillo

    The bar has opened a third place in the Carmel Market area, and this bar is larger, so you CAN throw a cat Peter, and the staff are great, terrific food, amazing music, and the drinks are a reasonable price. The clients tend to be a a little older 30+, just the type I like. It's along Nahalat Binyamin/Montefiore

  • Jack  - I've also been there....

    This is one cool place. The bar staff are great, generous, and polite. There is more than enough room, I don't understand the idiot who wants to throw a cat in a bar. It is intimate, the music fantastic, food is deliscious. Obviously Peter above is wrong, he must have pi**ed someone off

  • cetin  - I've been there too

    I 've been there too, staff were kind. I was a tourist and had 2 shots for free without a reason. Music was fine but hard to hear, yes crowded but nice atmosphere.

  • Peter  - Ive been there

    Ive been there, the bare staff are rude, there no space to throw a cat

  • Justin  - great area - great bar

    crazy little bar

    cool venue

    cool staff

    good music

    good beer

    good vibes

    not too pretentious...

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