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Little Prague
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  • Jonathan Freilich UK  - Mr

    I came across this restaurant a few weeks ago. I was unable to eat there since it opened at 16.00 and I was looking for lunch. I was uneasy about the authenticity of this restaurant and would like to know if the chefs are Czech or Israelis. I've been to CZR very many times, love authentic Czech food mainly from Moravia, and would be very disappointed if the integrity and flavour of the dishes were altered to suit the Israeli palate. For example putting sugar into food that should not be sweet.

  • Marek

    Should be rather called Little Leningrad than Little Prague. Staff is russian, guests are russians... Maybe I just wasn't lucky when trying this bar. But it looks here like Prague is part of Soviet Empire.

  • slava

    Zdravím do Tel Avivu,pobýval jsem tam v roce 2001-02,zdravím Rastu,Majku a ostatní,co tam zůstali... Říkali mi Sláva,tak se někdy ozvěte,pokud se taky ještě pamatujete na naše pařby po TLV /KU-Milenium,PACHA,Trask a hlavně na Malé Praze.../ Čus.

  • Bruno

    Zdravim vsechny do Izraele,pracoval jsem v T.A. v roce 2003 v kasinu,do Male Prahy jsem chodival,vzpominam rad,bylo to super.Zdravim vsechny!!!Kdo si me pamatuje muze se ozvat na muj mail. Muj nick byl a je Bruno. JOM TOF

  • Patrick

    Just a really good place to eat & meet

  • Guest  - Czech mate

    I suggest the white Czech beers. What wonders me the most is the amount of orders one of the waiters was able to take on my best friends' enormous birthday. It's also a fun place for a laid back birthday party. One note though, the music has no distincitve motive. I suggest we hang the dj or at least Czech mate him.

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