This place is horribly overrated. the music is far too loud for any decent conversation to take place. at most bars or clubs the noise problem is bearable because of how the place is set up (whether it emphasizes dancing or not). The problem with Shesek is that it is set up like a lounge and so talking should be encouraged. Unfortunately this is not the case as it is too loud. Another problem with this is that there is absolutely no room for dancing. By reducing the obscene music volume this place could be drastically improved. The drinks are overpriced and a bit weak (although this is also the case in most sections of tel aviv as well). I personally do not like the music at all but that is an opinion rather than a fact. The other faults are much more problematic and serious. Also calling the crowd pretty (in reference to the review above) is an insult to Israeli women. 9 out of 10 Israeli women are gorgeous, the other is at shesek.