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Joey's Bar
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  • Anonymous

    I used to love going there but now no one goes there at all. Came back to Israel 3 weeks ago and every time I walk past it its totally empty. I guess its just the location has gone down and the street just need to be cleaned up around it and it should be back on track..

  • Killroy

    Summer of 95, I walked by that joint on my way to work (construction) and every morning, without fail, drunks file out of that place. 7am. That joint throw's down.
    I even saw Doug Caines there.

  • Anonymous

    I spent a year in T-A, this was my favourite bar by a mile, yes there are hookers etc, such is life

  • Roi  - Joeys Bar is quite a dump

    This bar used to be good back in the 90s. Since 2000 or so its a real hell hole. The clientele ranges from drunk Israeli teens, to Russian mafia wannabes, to prostitutes, to foreign workers. Drinks are expensive too. Better off a a neighborhood bar on Dizengoff.

  • Was there 24 hours ago  - Above comment - utter bullshit.

    I was there for sunrise on Sunday AND late late late on Thursday night before Yom Kippur. The staff are FANTASTIC, the owner is wonderful, Russian mafia - are you out of your tiny mind??? All I can say is that the two of us - one resident, one visitor to TLV, had the times of our LIVES. You must be one sad, sad individual to not have had a total blast. Or else the others in the bar and the staff saw through you to the complete wanker you must be. Go off to Dizengoff and smoke your Gauloise and wear your beret, POSER.

  • lin  - joey's...

    it's the place to be in israel!

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