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Getting There Tel Aviv Dov Airport (Sde Dov)
Tel Aviv Dov Airport (Sde Dov)
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  • Daniela  - Flying from DVO Airport

    On domestic flights from DVO Airport to Eilat, how long do you need to be there before your flight? Is it the same time as International flights?
    Also is it easy to find taxis from Central Bus station in Tel Aviv to the DVO or is it easier to take a bus (if so what is the number)?
    Thanks :D

  • Michel

    Does it exist shuttles between SDE DOV airport and TLV Ben Gurion airport ? Do you know internet address for these shuttles ?

  • Kelly  - Ben Gurion airport to Sde Dov

    I am flying into Ben Gurion airport and have to take a taxi to Sde Dov airport. How much approximately should the cab ride be? There will be 2 passengers and 3 pieces of very manageable luggage.
    Thank you in advance.

  • Braun

    If you arrive from Eilat to Ben gurion airport or vica versa and have the connection flight the same day , do you need to take out your luggage and make a check in again???
    or do you do everything already in Eilat??

    Admin Reply:
    Depends on the airline you're flying, but mostly, you'll have to redo the check-in.

  • Veronica  - Transport to Sde Dov

    I will stay at Intercontinental in Bethlehem and need to get to Sde Dov for a flight to Eilat in early AM hours. About how long should I allow for taxi to airport from hotel? Also, will return late evening same day, will taxis be available back to hotel?

  • Kerchy Eva  - From SDE DOV to Jerusalem

    we are arriving from Eilat in Sde Dov on 20. May.2011. at 8.55 and want to go to Jerusalem. What is your suggestion. Can we go by local bus ( number???) to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station and from there going by bus with Egged to Jerusalem? No 480?
    Where stops the Egged bus in Jerusalem? How can we go to the Herods Gate (our Hotel is there).


  • Ralph  - How can we get from Tel Aviv Sde Dov to Jerusalem

    Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

    we are arriving from Eilat in Sde Dov and want to go on the direct way to Jerusalem. What is your suggestion. Going by bus with Egged or Dan which number and where does it leave or by Sheruts or by Taxi.

    Also what is the best way from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

    Thank you very much in advance for your assistance.


  • David  - Sherut to Jerusalem

    Coming into Sde Dov from Eilat on Friday Dec 24 @ 5:00pm and need to get to Jerusalem. Are there Sheruts available at the airport?

    Dear User,
    There are no sherut taxis directly from Sde Dov Airport. At that hour on a Friday there might not be any buses either (they stop as the Sabbath begins). You could either take a private cab to Jerusalem (around NIS 280) or take a taxi to the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station and take a sherut taxi to Jerusalem from there.
    Good luck!

  • evelyne dahan

    hi, i am leaving for eilat this week. can i park my car in a safe and security place without having to worry as it is a rental. your reply would be greatly appreciated.


  • lisa  - sdv-ben gurion

    I am departing Eilat on Thursday 7/1 at 18:45(6:45) and will be departing Ben Gurion at 23:35(11:35) to U.S... How far are the 2 airports and what is best way to get there? What are the options??. We have 7 passengers with lots of luggage. (will have been in Israel for 2 weeks) :D

  • Graham Allison  - shuttle service

    hi, is there a shuttle bus service from sde dov to ben guiron i arrive from eilat at 2230hrs and my flight back to the Uk departs ben guiron at 0400hrs on the 11th june, if i have to take a taxi, how much approximatly will this cost??

    Admin Reply

    Dear Graham,
    Sadly, there is no shuttle servie from Sde Dov to Ben Gurion Ariport. However, there are direct flights from Eilat to Ben Gurion. Perhaps you should check avaiability on those?
    At any rate, a taxi from Sde Dov to NATBAG should cost between NIS 115-130 (it's the rate of a taxi from TZ to Ben Gurion).
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

    Thanks :)

  • laurent  - transfert sde dov airport to ben gourion airport

    about my trip in may 2010,
    I'll arrive from eilat at the sde dov airport at 11h15am and need to go to ben gourion airport to take my plane for bruxelles which leave at 14h30pm the same day I have enough time?
    -please, can you tell me how many time I need to go to ben gourion airport from sde dov airport ?
    -and how many time I have to arrive before my flight departure from ben gourion airport to bruxelles

    Admin Reply
    Well, it is a bit tight. Usually, airport security demands that you arrrive at the airport about 2.5-3 hours before your flight. If you take a taxi from Sde Dov Airport to Ben Gurion, it should take about 35 min (assuming there is no traffic) maybe even less at that time of day. So, you should be just all right, but if you have any delays, it might be a little stressful...
    Good luck and enjoy your stay!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Maria

    Hi, I'm attending a conference in Eilat and am told that an e-ticket is not required as my registration confirmation of the conference serves as an e-ticket which I received from Eilat International Conference Centre. Please advise if there are any other documents that I am required to bring in addition to my passport and confirmation registraton to board my flight.

  • Iris

    are there are rental agencies at Sde Dov.? Is there car parking for several days?

  • Ernest Kahan  - re:

    are there are rental agencies at Sde Dov.? Is there car parking for several days?

    Admin Reply
    I'm afraid Sdeh Dov is a really tiny airport and doesn't offer the facilites you mentioned. It's olcy a short cab ride from the center of Tel Aviv, where there are numerous Car Rental Agencies.
    Good luck,
    The Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Miriam

    I am arriving at Sde Doe Airport from Elat at 11pm Wed and need to get to Ben Gurion for a flight leaveing at 5:30 am on Thrursday and need to be there by 2:30am since it is an international flight. What is the best way to get there? What would a cab cost in US currency?

    Hi Miriam,
    A cab would probably be the easiest way to reach the airport and should take no more than 30 min (certainly around 2 a.m.). It should cost around 30-35$ (depending on luggage etc.) Sadly, the train to Ben Gurion does not run after 00:00.

  • Zipdrugs Online pharmacy  - Is there a transfer

    between Ben Gurion and Sde Dov airports?

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