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Getting There Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion)
Tel Aviv Airport (Ben Gurion)
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  • Dennis  - No sherut to tel aviv?

    So: it seems that to get to Tel Aviv from the airport by taxi is about 150 shekels, but to get to Jersulsalem, a much further ride, is only 50 shekels?
    I guess that the Tel Aviv taxi drivers have a very strong union!
    No.. Very believable, actually.
    The tourist, once again, gets screwed.

    Dear User,
    Not very accurate - the NIS 50 ride to Jerusalem is in a special shared taxi - it brings you and everyone else on the taxi to your exact address. However, it isn't a private taxi and the ride can take much longer, what with having to drop off all the passengers at various locations in Jerusalem.
    So, in this case at least, it isn't a matter of tourists being robbed but a different taxi service provided. This kind of service is not available in Tel Aviv.
    Enjoy your stay in Tel Aviv,
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Gary  - price

    I am trying to find out what it would cost me
    to get a taxie or shuttle from BenGurion Air port to Tel Aviv. The Grand Beach Hotel?
    Any one can help????

  • Guest  - Airport transfer

    What is the best way to get from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv on September 26th at 10:30 pm (Yom Kippur).

    Is there public transportation / taxis available at that time?



    Dear Guest - there is no traffic on Yom Kipur day except for emergencies... The tradition is "no driving". I imagine that if a flight is indeed coming is (which is not customary) there will be some sort of solution to the problem, but generally speaking there is no driving in Israel on Yom Kippur.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Alicia  - Hanging out at the airport waiting for group

    Hi - your site is so helpful! Thanks for your efforts.
    My friend and I will be arriving to Ben Gurion at 12:20am on a weekday, and the rest of our group arrives at 5:30am (about 5 hours later) and we immediately leave the airport for Tiberias. Is it possible to pass the time in the airport waiting for them or do we need to arrange taxi and accomodation etc? (we are two young ladies) Any suggestions?
    Thank you in advance!

  • Derek  - To Jerusalem

    What buses go from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on a Saturday?.


    There is no bus service between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem on Saturdays - there are, however, sherut taxis that go from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station to the Center of Jerusalem. Bus service starts again after the Sabbath is out, in the evening.

  • Don E. Finegold

    Are commercial and private jets allowed to land at Ben Gurion on the Sabbath?

  • Cara  - Need to get from Masada to Ben Gurion Airport on a


    Can someone please advise the best way to get from Masada to the Ben Gurion airport on a Friday evening? I have a 5am flight back to the US. We are not planning to rent a car.

    Thank you!

  • Anonymous  - Luggage


    I heard that there is the possibility to check in your luggage in advance when you are leaving from Ben Gurion Airport. Does anyone know where this point is (apparently not at the airport), if it exists or if this is only possible for certain airlines? It would make things much easier if I could get ride of my huuuge bag in advance...

    Thank you very much for any help!!

    Tel Aviv Guide Reply
    Dear Visitor,
    There used to be an option of advance check-in for El-Al passengers, but that is no longer the case.
    You can choose your seat in advance on the airline website, but, unfortunately, there is no way of checking your case in before arriving to Ben Gurion Airport from Tel Aviv.

  • kay  - tzfat to airport and back?

    How can we get back and forth from airport to Tzfat?

  • Mark  - Sherut to East Jerusalem hotel address?

    I will arrive at 00.00, midnight at TLV airport next week and I will go straight to Jerusalem.

    1. Are there sherut taxi that late?

    2. Would sherut drive me to the hotel located in East Jerusalem /Arab part (Mount of Olives) (I heard not all taxis drive there). ?

    3. Should I book sherut in advance? (if yes, email, phone pls)

    Thank you in advance for your answer,

    Kind regards,

  • Aric  - Help

    I'm arriving to Israel on Dec. 13th at 2:40pm what are the train times that afternoon to Haifa?

    Please check out the train schedule here:
    Safe Journey!

  • Jason  - Airport to Haifa


    I wonder if you can help, I am arriving after the last train on Friday, I didn't realise they stopped at 14:11! Can you tell me the best way to get to Haifa?

    Admin Reply:
    You might still catch a bus to Haifa if you come early enough (the buses stop later than the trains). But if you come after 16:00, you will either have Sherut taxis (shared taxis) or private taxis to choose between.
    Good Luck!

  • Jackie  - What to do in Tel Aviv on a Saturday morning?

    We arrive in Tel Aviv on Saturday Nov 5th at 5:25am. We have until noon when we join the rest of our group at the airport. What is there to do on a Saturday morning? Are the markets open? Do we take the train? How much does it cost? How long do we plan for getting to and from? What is the best thing to see or do? That was a lot of questions!
    Thanks for any help!

  • LUIS ALBERTO MARTINEZ  - llego a Tel Aviv

    how can I arrive to jerusalen from airport ben gurion 2scod of febrery at noon,by public transport, which is the fare?

  • Lesley  - transfer from ben gurion international airport

    Can you let me know the easiest and cheapest way to get from the airport to Leonardo Plaza Tel Aviv on Friday Sept 2nd 2011

  • emma lee  - I used Lion of Judah Tours - best price I could fi

    HI Lesley,
    I went to Jerusalem this past spring 2011. I found a small tour service that was very cheap!
    An entire bus of 7 people from Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem only cost $99! So split it 7 ways and your price is only $14 per person! So if you have a few people with you, or want to pick some up in a Taxi line you can split the cost. Taxis to Jerusalem will run you $170, a shuttle bus is $65 -$75 per person!!! So Lion of Judah is a amazing price!

    Have an amazing trip, I did!
    here is there website, and contact info:
    877 863 0470 toll free in the usa
    ~emmalee J

  • agron laci  - re:

    I arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport at 2:00 AM, date 22/05/2011 and I go to JERUSALEM (HOTEL RAMADA). We are 5 persons. How can we go there? Is it better to book a taxi at this time? Can you tell us for book a taxi and the price.

    Thank you

  • night arrival  - night arrival

    I arrive on 26th of April, at approx.02.00 and need transfer to Hotel in TelAviv (close to Marina). What-which type of trasfer would your recommend and how much are estimated costs?
    tx for aswer
    kr Janez

  • Ton van Westrop  - Wheelchair transportation from Ben Gurion to Jerus

    Who can tell me, if there is a possibility to get to Jerusalem by taxi with a person in a wheelchair

  • Mrs Lorraine Roberts

    I am leaving Tel Aviv on 3rd February on the
    9.05 flight to London. I need a shuttle from
    Haifa to Terminal 3. Reasonably priced. Could I get some input regarding availability of such a service. I would need to be picked up from a private residence in Haifa (Hadar)

    Thanking you

    Mrs l Roberts

  • beatrice  - taxi from ben guiron to jerusalem

    Hi, my arrival to Tel aviv will be at 19:00. i need a transfer from the airport to Jerusalem, for 4 people. can you please tell me if that is possible and how much will cost me? thank you, Beatrice

  • lisa

    I will be going from Tiberias to the airport/Where is best to head for Jerusalem or Tel Aviv.What is the price of he bus from either city?
    Is the bus the cheapest option from Tel Aviv How much.
    If you take the bus from Jerusalem central bus station to the airport is the fare you pay all the way there.

  • lisa

    What is the fare fot the 222 bus>
    what is the next best cheapest option by bus from downtorn to airport

  • oDON  - Staying Ben Gurion

    I will land in Ben Gurion in the evening 10.30 pm and will start my next flight in morning 08:15 am

    What about If I stay in Airport? Is the place I can stay in site airport. And I would like to know duty free and restaurant opening hours in Airport?

    Thank you and It is really nice site.

  • Transit Facilities

    Are there any hotel facilities at the airport for someone who has to wait 14 hours for a flight

  • Ruth

    How can I go from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem considering that I'm comming on Saturday at 0:50 a.m., during Sabbath?

  • Debbie  - does the sherut go to Maale Adumim from Ben Gurion

    Is there a sherut from Ben Gurion to Maale Adumim? and if not, is there a direct sherut to the bus station in Jerusalem that does not stop express type sherut?

  • ropan  - Tel Aviv Central Bus Station

    i've read some awful stories about the tel aviv central bus station! is it really that difficult for a first time visitor to figure out? i plan to take a weekday late afternoon (around 3-4pm) bus from TA to Jerusalem. what's the best way to do it? buy ticket at bus station? how early should i get there?

    Dear User,
    The Tel Aviv Central Bus Station is indeed not very easy to get around, but if you take your time you should be just fine. Buses from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem run frequently and you can buy a ticket from the bus driver. The information desk will point you to the right station and then it's only a matter of waiting for th next bus to leave.
    Good luck!

  • John B  - From Nazareth to Ben Gurion

    Question I will be with a small group and was wondering what is best way to go from Jerusalem to Nazareth and then from Nazareth to Ben Gurion? Thanks

  • erez

    the best way is to take a shutlle and its dipend hoe long you have to be in nazareth. if its just for the day maybe its better that the shuttle wait for the group and take you to airport.

    i will be happy to help for any ather quations

    take care

  • Monica  - Taxi from Airport to Jerusalem

    Hello how much would be in dollars for a taxi for 2 people getting there the 14th of december 2010 ? Thanks Monica

    Dear Monics,
    A private taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem should cost NIS 200-240 ($55-65), depending on you time of arrival. Whether you're one or two people shouldn't make much of a difference.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Helen  - From Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv center

    Hi there, I'm gonna arrive at Ben Gurion Airport on Sunday 10th, 3:15 am. :?: What are the transportation options between the airport and the city-center. Do licenced taxis operate during this hour? What's the cost for a ride to Tel-Aviv's Migdal Opera area?

    Thanks in advance!

    Dear User,
    Trains and buses are, unfortunately, not available at this hour, but there are only licensed taxis waiting outside day and night. The fare should be about NIS 118 (not including baggage).
    Enjoy your stay!

  • duenow  - Precision

    There are trains every hour all night from Ben Gurion Airport to Savidor (known as Arlozorov) Central Train Station in TLV. In the airport, the train station is just in front of the arrivals.

  • Carolina  - ATM schedule

    Hi all!

    Could somebody say me the ATM or Currency exchange office's schedule??

    I arrive to Ben Gurion on Wednesday at 2.00 a.m. and I'm not sure they will be open...

    Thank you very much in advance.

  • margaret White  - visit on 1st October 2010

    Can anyone please tell me how I can get to Haifa on evening of Friday 1st october. My flight arrives around 6pm and I need to get to Haifa the same evening by reasonable cost transport. many thanks Margaret White

  • margaret white

    On Friday 1st October I arrive at Ben Gurion from UK at 1750 hr. So no train or buses will b available. I have to get to Haifa same evening. Any suggestions or phone numbers of shelut/taxi companies I can use would be very useful.
    Reasonable cost important. Many thanks mfw

    Admin Reply
    Well,there actually might still be sherut taxis from the Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa. If you'd like to contact them directly to make sure, this is the number 04-8676444 (Amal Taxis). Otherwise, your only option would be a regular taxi and that won't be cheap...
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Anna  - Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion Airport on Yom Kipur

    My flight departs from the Ben Gurion at 0:45 on 19 Sept. So do I have any chance to catch a taxi (let along more cheap transport) from Tel Aviv to the airport on 18 Sept. having in mind it is Yom Kipur? :(

  • Kenneth Thomas  - No Sherut to Tel Aviv

    For all who've asked-- there is NO sherut service from Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv. If you arrive on Holidays or Sabbat, you will need to take or share a private taxi to Tel Aviv-- about 140NIS (35USD).

  • Anonymous  - re: From Nazareth to Ben Gurion
    John B wrote:
    Question I will be with a small group and was wondering what is best way to go from Jerusalem to Nazareth and then from Nazareth to Ben Gurion? Thanks
    Monica wrote:
    Hello how much would be in dollars for a taxi for 2 people getting there the 14th of december 2010 ? Thanks Monica

    Dear Monics,
    A private taxi from Ben Gurion Airport to Jerusalem should cost NIS 200-240 ($55-65), depending on you time of arrival. Whether you're one or two people shouldn't make much of a difference.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team
  • Vijaya Sampath

    we arrive Tel Aviv airport on Thursday, October 28, 2010 around 11am. We are looking for one-night stay in Tel Aviv in an economical but comfortable hotel close to some sight-seeing attractions. Also, need information on Airport transfer to and from the hotel.
    Please reply. Thanks

  • michael  - eilat to ben gurion airport saturday

    hi can any body help im leaving eilat on saturday 26th february 2011 at around lunch time,how do i get to airport as flights dont leave until after shabbat,2 adults 1 child.

    Dear User,
    A taxi would be the best option.
    Good luck!

    michael london

  • Babu  - How to get from the Dead Sea to Ben Gurion?

    is there a busline from the dead sea to Ben Gurion?
    Thank you very much

  • Mursu  - Duty Free upon arrival


    I can see there are lots of duty free shops at Ben Gurion airport. If I buy duty free products from the duty free shops upon arrival, can I carry as much of those products out and use in Israel or do I need to leave them to the airport to wait for my return trip.

    Do the normal restrictions (200pcs of cigarettes, 1 liter of liquer etc) apply when I buy it upon arrival from duty free shop, or can I buy as much as I want to and use the products in Israel during my visit?

    Dear User,
    There are no duty free shops at any airports in the arrivals. Duty free is available only upon departure. As regards the restrictions, yes, they are the amounts you mentioned.
    Enjoy your shopping!

  • Miriam  - from Ben Gurion Airport to Sde-Dov Airport

    I arrive at the Ben Gurion Airport at 3:00 AM and I go to Eilat. I have found a flight from Sde-Dov Airport at 7:30AM. How can I go there? Is it better to book a transfer or can I find a taxi at this time? I don't know if it is easy to find a transport from tel aviv to eilat, something like a shuttle.
    Thank you

    Dear User,
    There are no shuttles from Ben Gurion Airport to Sdeh Dov Airport, but it is very easy to get a taxi at Ben Gurion at any hour of the day or night. At 3 AM, the only option you will have is a taxi, but it's not very far (about 30 min drive and 160 NIS).
    Good Luck!

  • Juliet  - Transfer

    Hi there,
    I arrive at Ben Gurion at 6h10 in the morning and have found a flight from the same airport (TLV) to Eilat that leaves at 8h30. Is this enough time to make the transfer?

    Answer much appreciated, Thanks!

    Dear Juliet,
    If all goes smoothly, you should be OK, but any delay might make the transfer a little tight.
    At any rate, you can check-in to the Eilat flight up to 30-40 min before take-off (give or take). Remember, however, that you'll have to make your way to another terminal and this can take a while (there's a bus service).
    Good luck!

  • Lesley Serabin  - cabs from Ben Gurion to 17 gordon street in tel av

    Hi, How much does it cost to get from ben gurion to 17 gordon street? I have 3 bags. I heard it should not go over 150 sheklem... $33? I am arriving Aug 16th at 8 am. Is it cheaper to split the cab with someone? toda

  • Carmi Stadlan  - Transportation from Ben Gurion to Modiin

    What is the best way to get from Ben Gurion Airport to Modiin?

    How much does a taxi / sherut cost?

    Is the train easy to get to with 2 suitcases?

    Dear User,
    A taxi to Modi'in should be about NIS 120.
    The train is pretty easy to catch at Ben Gurion Airport. Not sure about the arrival in Modi'in.
    Good luck!

  • juliet schmidt  - taxi from airport to Gush Hatzion

    My son is going to spend a year at Yeshiva Har Hatzion in Gush in the West Bank. How much approximately will a taxi cst from the Ben Gurion airport in American dollars? thanks so much

  • florentin  - kippur 2010

    Until which hour the airport is open on friday, 17th, before kippur?

    Until which hour public transport works??

    Thanks a lot,


  • Kay Wilson  - transportation needed

    I arrive in Tel Aviv/Ben Gurion Thurs. Aug.8 at 9:30 in the morning. I need transportation to Kibbutz Ginosar (near Tiberius), please. What is the best, safest, easiest way to get there? How much will it cost?

    I will need transportation from Jerusalem to TLV/Ben Gurion airport on Tues. Aug.17th in time to make an 11:30pm flight . What time should I plan to be picked up & how much will it cost?

    Do you recommend private limo services, which ones & approximately how much would the average rates be for these two trips??

    Thank you very much for the information & assistance.

  • amy goldman  - transportation needed

    my son will be taking a 11:35am flight on august 30th from TLV/ben Gurion. He will be traveling from Kibbutz Lotan which is 55km north of Eilat. He needs to be at the airport 2 hours ahead of time. I think it's a 4 l/2 hour trip from the kibbutz to the airport. What is the best way to get to the airport? Is there transportation that leaves at 5am?

    Dear User,
    There should be an early morning nus passing through Kibbutz Lotan. Your best bet would be to check the bus schedule on Egged's website:
    Good luck!

  • francesca

    I'm a student.I'll arrive at the airport of Tel Aviv on Friday August 6 at 4 p.m.I'd like know if there a taxi Sherut from Tel Aviv (aeroport) to Haifa( 85 Alleby rd) at around 6 p.m.How much is the ticket?Can I book it?
    thanks you
    Francesca Pellegrino

  • Guest  - Sherut from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv on Shabbat


    is there are shared taxi going from Ben Gurion to Tel Aviv on Saturday 28th of August at about 3pm?
    If yes, where can I get further information and how much would it cost?


    Dear User,
    See the comments and article above for further info.

  • Gianfranco  - pubblic transport on Shabat

    I will arrive to Ben Gurion Airport on July Sat 17th at 2 pm approximately. Can anyone tell me which bus should I take to reach the Bell Hotel located in Hayarkon St. Thank you.
    Gianfranco, Italy.

    Dear Gianfranco,
    Unfortunately, There are no buses from Ben Gurion Airport on a Saturday (they start after sunset). You will probably have to take a taxi to your hotel (or a shared taxi, if there to Tel Aviv on Saturdays).
    The Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • robert

    Is there any sherut from Ben Gurion airport to Tiberias? If yes, where do I find details about it?

  • Kate Irvine  - Kate

    Hi Im arriving at Ben Gurion airport on the 31st oct and planning to get the train to the central train station Tel aviv,then I`m leaving the next day from central bus station,can anyone recommend a cheap single room with private bathroom that is reasonable close to both these stations.thanks kate

    Dear User,
    You could try the Subkuch Milega hostel ( Subkoch_Milega_Guesthouse_20090715432/) in Florentine. It is reasonably close to the Central Bus Station without being too run-down and is cheap.
    We suggest you make your booking through our affiliate website Booking.Com.
    Just enter your dates in the orange search box that is located on the right of the screen (which appears on all our website’s pages), and get availability, viewers’ reviews and other options in case your first choice of accommodation is not available.
    Kind regards,
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Anonymous

    I'm traveling from Warsaw (Poland) via Prague to Ben Gurion. Both me and my husband have medicines (normal pills, not capsules with liquid or sth like that) we have to take every day. Normally we have them in hand luggage (if airlines lose our medicines it will be serious problem) and never had problems. Do you think it could be a problem? Do we need copy of prescription or sth like that? Or is it safe to put pills into main luggage?
    pls answer asap, really do not know what to do...

  • Pauline  - No problem.

    We flew from Heathrow London on the 18th January this year and stayed for 10 days. Between us we had a lot of medication including liquid filled respules for my nebuliser. We put all medication in a carrier bag along with copies of our prescriptions, and a letter from the Doctor to say they were legitimate. We had no problems at all, in fact nobody asked to see the Doctor's letter, and they just had a quick look through the bag. We were able to keep the carrier bag with us at all times including on the plane.

    Hope this reply doesn't come to late as you don't say when you are flying.

  • Nancy Griffith-Zahner  - hotels close to the Ben Gurion Airport

    Hello... first, thank you for this website, it's very informative.

    My family and I will be flying out of Ben Gurion on a 5:00am flight; can you recommend a hotel close to the airport? Does it have shuttle service at that time of day?

    Thank you for your help!

    Dear User,
    There is one nice hotel not far from the airport. It is located in a shopping mall near Assaf Harofeh Hospital and it shouldn't take you more than 10 min to reach the Airport from the hotel at the time of night you mentioned. Try this link for further details: It's a surprisingly charming hotel with a small number of rooms and the prices are very fair.
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Jen  - Shared Taxi - Tel Aviv Airport to Jerusalem?

    I am arriving tomorrow and wonder if it is easy to find a shared taxi (sherut) from Tel Aviv airport directly to my hotel in Jerusalem or if I need to hire a private car. Single female traveler.

  • Naireman AbuAli

    Sooooooooooooooooo you know them traveling bags that are allowed on the plan with u, well imam put my iPad in it. Is it allowed tho like with the security or will they take it from me? Btw I'm not a Jew imam Muslim going to Palestine. Pls reply asap :-) thanks.

    Dear User,
    Unfortunately, not absolutely sure about the iPad regulations, but the safe bet would actually be not to pack it in your hand luggage. If you are travelling to Palestine the security inspections will, unfortunately be more in-depth, so better be safe than sorry...
    Good luck!

  • Jo  - Travel from tel aviv to almog kibbutz just outside


    I need to get from Tel Aviv to the Almog Kibbtuz, the taxi's have quoted me NIS1000, is there a cheaper way to do this?
    I will also have a large suitcase with me

    Dear User,
    1000 NIS sounds like a very high sum...
    A taxi from the airport to The Dead Sea should cost between 600-700 NIS, depending on when you land.
    Alternatively, you could take a bus to Kibbutz Almog. You would have to make your way to the central bus station in Jerusalem (via bus or shared taxi service) and then catch a bus to Almog Junction. This would be significantly cheaper (about 100 NIS all together).
    At any rate, even if you do go for a taxi from Ben Gurion Airport, you can just catch one outside the airport and pay between 600-700 NIS (plus payment for suitcase). If you are already in Tel Aviv, simply take a bus from the Tel Aviv central bus station to the Dead Sea area.
    Good luck!

  • Bart  - Which Bus Route to Eilat from Ben Gurion Air Port

    I arrive Sunday 3:00pm - I have no idea were to start my direction towards a bus. Two adults will need a bus to Eilat. Any information will be a great help. Thank you

    Admin Reply
    Well, dear user, your best bet would be to travel to Tel Aviv or Jerusalem and catch a bus to Eilat from there - there are no direct buses from the airport to Eilat, only planes. There are about 10 buses a day from Tel Aviv and 5 buses a day from Jerusalem. Check out the bus service timetable: width=1024&language=en&company=1&state=
    Good luck!

  • Rodger Citron

    My family - including two young daughters - arrives in June. We would like them to ride in car seats from the airport to the apartment where we are staying. Is it possible to hire a car service for the ride that will provide car seats?

    Thank you,


  • Anonymous

    There are many taxi near the train station of Ben Gurion Airport. If you are heading to Jerusalem or Haifa, you can take Shelut (Ben Taxi, NIS50 for Jerusalem, NIS70 for Haifa) near the train station of Ben Gurion airport.

    Otherwise you can take train (NIS 15 ~ 50 according to distance) to the cities like Haifa, Ashkelon, Modiin, Jerusalem.
    You can check train route in
    Train normally stops working on 22:00, on Saturday (shabbat on 13:00 ~ 14:00)

    Normally train is prefered for economic travel to your destination city.

    If you do not want train, to go to the other city, you should go to Tel Aviv Central Bus Station to take bus to your different cities. Normally some buses stop running after 16:00.

    You can check the bus schedule from

    Tel Aviv Central Bus Station (Building) is called also Har Tsiyon Bus Station on the Derech Shlomo street.

    May this help you.

  • Mary  - point of reference

    Hi there! Love your site. My friend and I are flying from USA to TelAviv, have similar itineraries but we flight in different airlines.. We need to know a unique point of reference to meet at the airport :?: ... perhaps a gate number, store, sign... any suggestion?

    Thank you.

    Dear User,
    Thank you for your comment!
    A good place to meet would probably be near Hapoalim cash machine - it's difficult to miss.
    At any rate, the reception hall is very small, so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding each other.
    Enjoy your stay!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Tatjana Kusch  - money change at Ben Gurion

    Hi, I'm arriving at Ben Gurion Airport monday morning, approx. 2.30am. I will then need Shekel (I'm taking the train to Tel-Aviv). Is there a possibility to change Euro to Shekel at this early hour?
    Thanks in advance for your help.
    Karlsruhe, Germany
    PS: your site is very informative, I love it!

  • Johan

    You can take out the Shekel from ATM in the airport by your international check/cash card or credit card.

    I am doing this every time when I go to israel.

  • Jim  - transit in Ben Gurion airport

    I have a connecting flight from Addis Ababa and transit through Ben Gurion Airport - 6 HOUR TRANSIT WAIT- is it possible to get a "small peek of Tel-Aviv" for maybe 3 hours and pop back into the airport? ( I have USA passport) and I have NO CHECKED BAGGAGE. (only carryon)
    I appreciate ANY advice!!

    Admin Reply
    Well, 6 hours might just be enough time for a quick look at Tel Aviv. Usually, security demands that you arrive at Ben Gurion Airport 2.5 or 3 hours before your flight departs. By taxi, Tel Aviv is about 20-30 min away (more if it's rush hour). If you really have no checked in baggage, you might just make it. Best bet would be to inquire when you land to make sure.
    Hope you manage to visit Tel Aviv!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Sylvain Weiller  - Special packaging for duty free liquids to Europe


    I heard there could be a possibility to buy duty free liquids (Israely wine...) even if you don't have a direct flight (a stop in Europe before the final destination, in my case stop in Prague before arriving in Paris) if the goods are specialy sealed. Can you confirm if it is Ok or not at the present time ?


    Admin Reply

    Yes, there seems to be a certain kind of packaging that allows you to travel with duty free goods that would not usually be allowed. However, these rules tend to change frequently and it would be difficult to know for sure what the situation will be when you go through Natbag.
    Best bet would probably be not to count on the duty free option and ask when you're there.
    Good Luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Robert weaver

    My son will be arriving at the airport and I'm comming from a cruise, is there a good restaurant at the airport that would be a good place for him to wait for me until we can pick him up? About 3 hours until our cruise comes in at Ashdod.

    Admin's Reply
    Well, there aren't actually many restaurants when your arriving in Natbag (Ben Gurion Ariport). In the reception hall itself there's only a small coffee shop and outside the reception hall there are a couple of larger very simple cafe-restaurants. Not much of a choice really...
    Good luck and enjoy you stay in Israel!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • celso arie  - marketing manager

    i will arrive in tel aviv from sao paulo brasil for 8 business day. can you inform how to spend two days in eilat on the friday and saturday and get back to cesarea

  • Joanne

    Do the trains going to Haifa and Jerusalem from Tel Aviv have on board restrooms? Thanks

  • Anonymous  - restrooms

    Trains have restrooms
    Not always very clean!!!

  • Jaip  - Dead Sea trips from Tel Aviv before a 10pm flight?

    Hello - We have a flight out of Ben Gurion at 22:00 on a Sunday, and are wondering if it's reasonable to do a day-trip to the Dead Sea (and Masada?) that day. Are there any tour-providers you know of that would pick us up in Tel Aviv and drop us at the airport? Or would public transport work? Thank you and Shalom! We look forward to our visit -

    Admin Reply:
    The Dead Sea is a great one day tour. Each direction should take about an hour and a half-two hours. A tour guide would be a more sensible idea if you have a flight to catch, but if you choose another day to go then a bus could also be a good option. For further details, try the tourist department in the Dead Sea are:
    Enjoy your stay!

  • Christian  - Cost of private taxi from airport to Jerusalem

    Hi, I wonder more or less how much I'd have to pay for a private taxi from Ben Gurion airport to the old city of Jerusalem at 3 o'clock in the morning.

  • Tiffy  - Travelling on Yom Kippur

    Is there any public transport to Ben Gurion on 18th Sept 2010 (on the day of Yom Kippur)? My flight is departing at 20:00. Thank You!

    Admin Reply
    Well, actually, not only is there no public transportation on Yom Kipur - the custom is that no one drives and the roads remain empty on that day (until the evening, that is)... The only way of arriving at the airport by 17:30 would be a taxi, and that will probably be hard to come by (unless the day is especially short and night falls early). I would consult the airline. Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Phil  - Dorset UK

    I have a holiday in Israel booked for July with a Tel Aviv hotel as a base, what is the best way to get to Masada from Tel Aviv.


  • benet  - Mr

    I'll come to Israel sunday 21 february 2010. We'll arrive at +- 11.50 Pm, in the evening. Is it possible to take a bus, sherut or train to jerusalem? If it's not possible, can we take a bus, train or sherut to Tel Aviv at this hour? Thank you

    Admin' Reply
    Please take a look at the last section of this article which specifies the various forms of transportation to and from the airport. In reply to your question, the Sherut service to Jerusalem operates 24h (their schedule depends on arrivals).
    Enjoy your stay!

  • Brendan  - Transport to Tel Aviv

    Hi, great website....I arrive in Tel Aviv early on a Sat morning (my first visit) 3 am or so......Are there any public transport services to the Tel Aviv city centre or should I take cab (if available on the sabbath)....any idea how much NIS for the cab? Many thanks

    Admin Reply
    Dear Brendan,
    Sadly there is no public transport on Saturday mornings, but there are ALWAYS taxis.
    A private taxi to the center of Tel Aviv at that hour should be around NIS 130 ($35). You shouldn't have any trouble finding the taxis (plenty of signs). If you're traveling alone, you could, of course, try to share the taxi with other single travelers to reduce costs.
    Good luck and hope you have a pleasant stay!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • David  - Sherut Taxi

    On 12/29/09 I've paid 50 NIS to go from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem Old City. The driver asked for 10e first.

  • alessia  - from Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem

    qualcuno sa dirmi come arrivare dall'aeroporto Ben Gurion alla stazione centrale degli autobus?
    From airport to CBS Egged line to Jerusalem.

  • Ib Rasmussen  - Director

    I arrive with my family at 18.30 pm on a Monday. Are there any public transportation to jerusalem in the evening? Or?

  • Buzz  - TLV - Jerusalem

    1. Can anyone advise the price for a mini van for 8 pass from TLV to Jerusalem and from Tiberias to TLV?

    2. How long would it take from Tiberias to TLV ?

  • Lucia  - Transport and accommodation for transit purpose

    6 of us will be arriving Sunday early morning 0.15 am. Our next group will arrive later at We will need to regroup with them upon their arrival and start the tour then check in at hotel in Tiberias at the end of the day. What is the recommended hotel for short stay just to get refeshed and showered? and is it safe to take taxi in the middle of the night? Thanks.

  • Anne

    Hi there,
    In january my dad and I will go to Israel. We will arrive in the middle of the night at the airport. I understand that you can go to Jeruzalem by taxi the whole day (and night) but can somebody tell me how much that aproximately will cost?
    Thank you very much!

  • Jacov Herscu  - tourist

    How do we get to Haifa from the airport in Tel Aviv at 3 a.m. in the morning on a Sunday????

    Admin's Reply:
    The easiest way would be a regular taxi, but there is also a Sherut service (large taxis shared by a number of passengers) that runs from Ben Gurion Airport to Haifa (Amal Taxis: 04-8676444).Additionally, there are a couple of night trains to Haifa, one leaving at 3:53. Please check the train schedule of the Israeli Rail Service for further information:

  • ted weiss  - duty liquor not allowed in us and eurpean flights

    duty liquor not allowed in us and eurpean flights from this airport.Its a real shame sice are plenty of goody deals to be found
    would anybody comment why, and if this policy stands to be changed in the near future ?
    the duty free company namely James Richards stands to loose a lot of business with North American and European Passenges >What is going on ???

  • Dianna  - Duty free

    Very simply, liquids pose a huge security risk all over the world due to the fact that explosivies can be made from liquid, you will now find that no matter where you travel liquids will be restricted on board the aircraft. I think when explained, you will agree it is a small price to pay for security.

  • Ilanit  - Transportation

    Can anyone tell me if it's possible to get a taxi when arriving at 3.00 in the morning at Ben Gurion?


    Sure! Taxis are available from Ben Gurion all hours of the day and night. Public transport if a little more difficult to come by, but taxis are always available.

  • Mark  - Shekels

    Most places in Israel accept dollars, euros and shekels. Sometimes the conversions in the shops favor one or the other -- for instance, anything touristy costs $1 or 1 € or 5 Shekels, which means that dollars are a much better deal. Other times euros will be better, other times shekels.

  • May  - How can I to Tiberias from BG airport i tel avi

    I' m arriving on sunday at 4;30 pm and what is the easy and safe way to get to Tiberias. please help

  • sar-el volunteer for israel!

    you can have cash from ATM at arrivals hall near the water fountain. there is also desk where you can change money if you dont have any cards. but think everyone has cash/debit/credit card...??!! :P

    if you travel alone or with a friend, sherut is a good option. you can find sherut (and taxi too) right outside the airport, and in tel aviv outside of central bus station (tzemach david street), and in jerusalem at zion square (corner of jaffa road and ben yehuda), there are other places to get them too but these i know for sure. but you have to wait until sherut is full and it drops off people here and there and it could take a while. i also have not so pleasant experiences with sherut drivers as they dont take you where you want, they just drop you off in the middle of nowhere in terrible hurry. but usually it is nice and cheap way of getting around!

    this time i will travel at night with 3 other people and i think we will have a regular taxi from jerusalem to ben gurion. no matter ...

  • Fernando  - Traveling to Jerusalem

    1) How can I go from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem considering that I'll land on Saturday at 4:30 a.m., during Sabbath?

    2) Is it possible to pay with other currencies (Euro or Dollar) in Israel, besides NIS?

    Thank you in advance!!!

    If you are traveling to Jerusalem you could either take a regular taxi or opt for the taxi-pull service, i.e. taxis that drop people off at various locations around Jerusalem. Naturally, the second option would be the cheaper one. You shouldn't have any problem spotting the service - they wait outside departures and offer their services. You should be able to pay in dollars, but it would be best if you could exchange a bit of money and pay in Shekels.

  • anna mitropoulou  - how about currency???

    at my country the coin is the euro.there is any bank at the airport to change them with nis?

  • clara  - Architecte

    Is it possible to get Jerusalem from Ben Gurion aerport by train ? What do I have to do?

  • Joel  - Hotel near the aiport

    I will be arriving in the evening with young kids, and would like to stay at a hotel near the airport before going to Jerusalem the next day. Any hotels with an aiport shuttle?

  • A Tse  - Ms

    Please could you tell me what is the best way of getting from Neve Zohar in the dead sea region to Tel Aviv airport on a Saturday for a flight at about 4 p.m.

    If a taxi is the best way, please let me know the approximate costs.

    Thank you in advance for your help.

  • Mr.Samir Ghosh  - Senior Indian citizen

    My wife and I arrive Telaviv on Royal Jordonian from India in a 30 member goodwill mission at 7am on Sunday 31st August and take a whole day coach tour ending in Jerusalem. Where in the terminal can we find shower/changing facilities for large group?

  • davidez  - airport to jerusalem

    i have the same problem as Vas Revi...except that im lanfing on a Tuesday...wich is the best way?!

  • Mila  - Question

    Hello! Is anybody can tell me the prices for public transportation? Buses etc...

  • Yaragondo  - re: Question
    Mila wrote:
    Hello! Is anybody can tell me the prices for public transportation? Buses etc...

    Actually mila, it's pronounced "Can anybody tell me" etc....etc.
    sorry for being not polite :>, i'm here to just say HAI! but i'm actually a grammar nazi. i know that this website is for serious usage but have fun looking for people u get support from.

  • Steve  - re Grammar Nazi

    Hey Yaragonda,
    if you intend to correct others' english, perhaps you should brush up on your own grammar. The correct word in your second sentence is impolite. 'Being not polite' ceases to be grammatically acceptable after about second grade. I do not know what HAI is, and "but i'm....grammar nazi." is a second fragment that should not conclude with a period.

  • Vas Revi  - Airport to Jerusalem

    I am landing at Ben Gurion Airport very late (11pm) on a Thursday evening. How can I go directly to Jerusalem? Are there regular bus trips or should I order a taxi? How much does it cost? Or should I prefer to stay for the night at a nearby hotel and go to Jerusalem in the morning? Please give me your advice. Thank you

  • Claire  - Getting to Ben Gurion from Jerusalem for a 6.30am

    We've yet to book our accomodation in Jerusalem - but how would we get to the airport from Jerusalem (probably the Old Town) in time for a flight leaving at 6.30am? Or would it be better to stay at a hotel near the airport the night before?

    Reply by Admin: Dear Claire, there's no need to stay at a hotel by the airport - Ben Gurion is only a 30-40 min drive from Jerusalem. If you'd rather not take a regular taxi, you could order a Nesher Taxi, which picks up 12-16 people across Jerusalem and drives them to the airport. It may take some time to drive through the various stops, but price is substantially lower than a regular cab. Tel: 02-6257227
    Good luck!

  • Grant  - Transfers from and to airport

    I signed up for a tour of Israel with a US tour company that will be conducted by Sar-El. Since I bought my own airline tickets, the US company told me I'm responsible for my own transfer arrangements. I'm not getting info from them or Sar-El on how to to it. My wife and I have to get to Netanya upon arrival, and we will be leaving from Jerusalem. Can anyone tell me a reliable company to contact in Israel for transfers?

    Dear Grant, you could get to Netanya either on a train, bus or taxi (assuming you don't want to hire a car). Try our Getting Around section, the Ben Gurion Airport website (listed above) or the website of Netanya's Municipality: for further details. Enjoy your stay!

  • administrator  - To Mikey

    Check out the updated article above to see the train schedule. For more detailed info try the train service website:
    (though the site does seem rather disfunctional)

  • MikeySoft  - How

    How often does the train run to Tel Aviv and does it run 24 hours/day?

  • Mark Castrignano

    Can anyone recommend a hotel NEAR to the Airport? I have a flight at 8am so need to stay close to the airport the night before. Or if you know a hotel in Tel Aviv that has a shuttle early in the morning I'd be happy to hear from you. Thanks. Shalom! Mark

  • Micha Sachs  - Make a slight correction

    Very nice indeed, but, quick, correct the grammar to: At the end of the day everyone is trying to do...
    and not... everyone are trying to do
    See this sentence above."At the end of the day everyone are trying to do their job as best they can, and in this case the job is important and therefore taken seriously."

  • Regan Bhattarai  - beautiful trip

    i dont have words how could i say that,it was a nice ,funny moments that i have ever in airport.

  • Jonathan Gat  - New Tel Aviv Airport

    I'm about to take my third trip to Israel since the new complex opened. I remember telling my mother "I thought I was in Hong Kong".

  • Douglas Duckett  - New airport terminal -- amazing

    I arrived in May 2005 for my seventh visit to Israel since 1988, and my first since the new terminal at Ben Gurion had opened.

    It was amazing! It's a gorgeous, state-of-the-art facility, and completely different from the cattle barn, Third World feel of the old terminal. It was funny -- on our flight were a number of Israelis returning home from living abroad. Several of them, too, had not been home since the new terminal opened. We kept looking around with wide eyes, and finally I said to one, "Anachnu b'Yisrael?" ("Are we in Israel?";), and everyone broke up laughing.

    It was worth the wait!

    Douglas E. Duckett
    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

  • Guest  - Train to the airport

    Actually the train ride takes about 12 minutes. I just taken the train from Tel Aviv when I went to cyprus two months ago. Very good article by the way. Keep up the good work.

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