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Getting Around Riding a Bicycle
Riding a Bicycle
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Comments (13)
  • sue  - rentals

    renting bikes with all rhe required advice.....all the help......and all the fun of a great bunch of guys

  • Mitchell Herzog  - Looking to rent a bike to take to the north for 10

    are u renting bikes or can you suggest a bike rental place for a decent bike to take out of Tel Aviv for 10 days

  • Giac  - another stolen

    What is it about Tel Aviv with the stolen bike? Don't people know that it's wrong to take something that is not theirs? Unbelieveable how those thieves just thing that it's ok. I mean things already cost more here and you get paid less outside the tech industry. With that struggle, why do those asshols out there keep stealing them?!!...

  • joe  - joe

    i found the cheapest place to rent bikes was hayarkon 48 hostel

  • pedalz  - Just Buy a Temp

    When I visited vancouver a few years back for 10 days, i just bought a used bike and then sold it at the end of the trip. a lot cheaper than a long term rental.


    Does anyone know if and where you can rent a bike in Jerusalem? I will be there for 2 weeks and would like to keep up my excersize routine. Thanks
    you can e-mail me at

  •  - where can i rent a bicycle ?

    please let me info to rent a velo for 25 days
    a city bike for woman >>>>>a small city velo.

    i thank y if y write me phone numbers and adresses

  • matan

    are the bicycle shops open on satureday?

  • Bike Tel Aviv  - Stolen Bikes

    I've - knock on wood - never had a bike stolen. If you buy a good lock and know where to lock up, you shouldn't have a problem.
    The way people lock up bikes here with cheap locks is the reason they're stolen.

  • o-fun  - rent a bike, 197 ben yehuda street

    nice selction, and in the center of town

  • ed kaserzon  - bike rentals

    what about the O-Fun bike shop for rentals on ben yehuda/nordau tel aviv

  • Justin  - Mystery bike shop

    ...try the bike shop at Kikar Dizengoff - next to the self service laundry on the south eastern side of the square. It looks like a dump or a vacant shop - but it is actually a bike store.

  • Guest  - Addresses of rental shops for bicycles p

    I'm lloking for a shop that according to you is just hard to find.... Visited this place to help me out in the first place...

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