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Getting Around Sherut (Shared Taxis)
Sherut (Shared Taxis)
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The “Sherut” is one of the best transportation options in Tel Aviv.  You pay about what you would pay on the bus but can ask to be let off wherever you like, as if you were in a taxi.  
"Sherut" are Minivans that operate as Shared Taxis that can fill up a maximum of 10 passengers. Sherut fares are about 5 NIS per person. The Sherut Taxis are usually red & white (sometimes yellow) mini-buses that travel along the main streets of Tel Aviv (Dizengoff and Ben-Yehuda).

The destinations are mostly from north to south. Hand your money either as you get on to the Sherut, or take a seat and pass your money down to the driver. Don’t worry - your change will be passed back. 

The main Sherut minivans are:
Number 4 - Going from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station through Allenby and Ben Yehuda Streets all the way up to Reading Power Plant.
Number 5 - Going from Tel Aviv Central Bus Station through Rothschild Blvd., Dizengoff Center and Dizengoff Street up to Weitzman St. in the north. (Notice that the Sherut doesn't go all the way to Arlozorove train station as does the number 5 bus).

Make sure you hold on to something when you get on, the drivers are in a bit of a hurry to get on their way! 

Comments (106)
  • Shabbat transportation - Ben G

    i get in tel aviv Ben Gurion airport on friday 30th may at 1 do i get to Beer Sheva or Tel Aviv center on friday night???

  • deborah  - hello


    I have the same exact question than you because im arriving at the same airport and staying at the same hotel. Did you find a sherut? please let me know i would appreciate the help

  • alessandra  - From Ben Gurion to JErusalem?

    Hi I am looking for secure transportation from the Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem, at night. can someone help?

  • Judy  - Sherut on Pesach

    Need to get to the airport on April 14 at night from Tel Aviv. HELP?

  • carol doherty  - jerusalem to telavib airport

    HI where can I catch a sherut from jerusalem to telaviv airport on saturday?

  • Marilyn Huber  - Sherut to Tel Aviv

    Is there a sherut that goes from the Ben-Gurion airport to the Crowne Plaza City Center Hotel? We will be arriving at 8:20 on the 21st and also need transportation back to the airport on Saturday morning at 7:00 a.m.

  • Nick Breakspear  - Sheirut from Ben Gurion to Herzilya?

    Is it possible to get a Sheirut from Ben Gurion to Herzilya for 3 people?
    Please advise.
    Todah Rabah.
    Nick from Manchester UK

  • Anonymous

    I would like to know if sherut are available
    on Saturday from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv

    Thanks Gelinda

  • Thomas  - Sherut

    Hi everyone ! do you know the number of the sherut that goes from Jerusalem to Tel aviv on friday afternoon/evening ? Thank you !

  • Brooklynite  - Sherut from Bnei Berak to Jerusalem

    How can I get a sherut from Bnei Berak to Jerusalem

  • Janina  - sherut from Eilat to Tel Aviv Airport

    How to get Tel Aviv Airport from Eilat with sherut friday night?

  • David  - Sherut from Ben Gurion to Kfar Saba

    Is there a sherut from Ben Gurion airport to Kfar Saba?

    I will be arriving at 5.20am on a Sunday morning in February, on El Al from London.

    Thanks, David

  • sunny Holtzman  - Sherut to Netanya from BG

    Is there a Sherut from BG airport to Netanya on Saturday

  • rosamaria  - airport to tel aviv and to jersusalem

    Hi two of us
    we arrive 20 /12 Tel aviv airport
    and have to go to tel aviv
    we arrive late at 2300 will there be any sherut?

    moroever on sat 21/12 we have to go to jerusalem , will there be any sherut ?

  • Judy  - mrs

    Is there a sherut from netanya to herzeliya on Saturday morning?

  • S Prentice  - Booking a Sherut during Shabbat

    I will need to travel from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion Int Airport on a Saturday, does the Sherut booking office close on Friday at sunset, also could you please give me the phone number of the Sherut Booking Office.

    Thank you.

  • bobbi greenberg  - sheirut from tel aviv to haifa

    I want to go to haifa (2 people) from Tel Aviv to Haifa on December 10th. Where would I get the sheirut?

    Or is it possible to get a sheirut from herzilya to haifa direct? Please advise.

    Todah Rabah.

    Bobbi from Toronto

  • Astrid  - University

    Is there a sherut from the university to the busstation? And/or old Jaffa ?

  • joanna  - tlv to airport during succoth

    hi I live in tel aviv and am flying tonight at 7pm. As it is hag, there are no trains/buses. Any idea how I could get to the airport this afterrnoon (or close to shoham where my friend can get me to the airport) by shirout or sth, shirout that could stop to a tzomet or sth?

    thanks in advance for all tips!


  • harold newman

    CAn I get a sherut from Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv to Natanya on Thursday morning the 7th November at 6.00am.
    Thank you
    Harold Newman

  • vilma casalla  - Sherut Schedule from Haifa to Telaviv

    Hello good evening, Can I ask if there is still sherut from Haifa to Telaviv at 2 o'clock in the afternoon tomorrow?
    Thank You and Have a safe evening !!!

  • andrew  - Do sheruts run from 4th september to 8th sept?

    Could you tell me if its possible to get a sherut taxi from haifa to jerusalem between the 4th and 8th of september? And also haifa to tel aviv?Thank you

  • Mattathias

    This rosh hashana I will be in tel aviv. Is there a way either Wednesday night or Thursday or Friday morning I can travel to afula? Or Bet Shean? Please let me know quickly thank you.

  • maricar galang  - sherrut on haifa going to tel aviv during shabbat

    Is there a sherut from haifa going to tel aviv during shabbat?
    thank you!

  • Patvan  - TLV to Jerusalem # Damascus Gates

    Dear all,

    I'm in Nevet Sedek, i need to go to Jerusalem early tomorrow morning.
    Where is the closest point to get a sherut ?

    Thanks a lot :-)

  • Guest  - Tel aviv city to the airport on 27 September 2012

    Does anyone know if we can take a sherut TO the airport from the city? What time will they start up after Yom Kippur? And where do they depart from?

    Unfortunately, there is no Sherut service from Tel Aviv to Ben Gurion. Please read previous replies for further details.

  • melanie  - sherut to airport on saturday

    is there any chance to get a sherut on saturday morning/midday to the airport? I need to be there at 12. or any suggestion?
    thank u!!!

  • Elana  - Sherut from Herzliya to Jerusalem

    Is there a way that I can get a sherut from Herzliya to Jerusalem on Shabbat?


  • Sharon  - Kfar Saba Sherut

    Is there a sherut Kfar Saba to Jerusalem?

  • Joyce  - Travelling from an apartment in Jerusalem to a Kib

    We will be travelling from an apartment in the German Colony of Jerusalem to the Moshav Dov Kibbutz on the Mediterranean in Caesarea. What would be the best way to travel?


    Best bet would either be the bus/bus+train/taxi.
    Good luck.

  • Robert  - transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to the Crow

    I will arriving at Ben Gurion Airport and I want to go to the Crown Plaza Jerusalem. Do you provide service to this location. If not, I would appreciate it if you inform me of the name of the appropriate service. Thanks!


    The sherut taxis provide service to almost any location in Jerusalem. They wait outside departures and leave as soon as the taxi fills up.

    Good luck!

    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Mary  - Haifa to Tel Aviv on Shabbat

    Hi, Are there Sheruts from Haifa to Tel Aviv on Shabbat? What is the approximate cost on Shabbat? I will be there this September, and I need to attend an event in Haifa on Friday evening, and an event in Tel Aviv on Saturday evening. I, therefore, cannot reorganize my schedule. Thank you.

  • Anonymous  - Sherut from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

    I will be on 6 Allenby by the beach in Tel Aviv and will need to take a Sherut to Jerusalem from there. From that point, where will be the closest point I will be able to catch a Sherut to Jerusalem? Will I need to take a taxi to the Central Bus Station from 6 Allenby?

  • mira  - sherut from tel aviv to eilat??

    I would like to know if is there any sherut taxi going from Tel Aviv Airport to Eilat. Or what is the best way to get to Eilat on Saturday morning. Thank you.


    Hi there,
    Unfortunately, there is no sherut taxi from Tel Aviv To Eilat. Actually, the only option you have on a Saturday morning is a plane... If you decide to go for a bus, the other travel option, you'll have to wait for Saturday evening.
    Good luck!

  • Ann


    Do the Sherut taxis operate during the Passover holiday (Sunday 8 April)?


  • Anonymous

    Yes - Sheruts operate on holidays and Shabbat, but at a higher rate (8 shekels in Tel aviv vs. 6 shekels normally)

  • Denny  - Shared Taxi

    Do the shared taxi allow for baggage from Ben Gurion airport to Leonardo Plaza Hotel in Jerusalem? Do they charge extra for bags, and can you give me a price of fare plus baggage?
    Thank you

  • Marco  - Sherut during night

    Will arrive in late night between Thursday and Friday (about 3.00 am) at Tel Aviv intl. airport. Could you please confirm sherut to Jerusalem will be available so late ? Thanks in advance.


    Sherut service to Jerusalem goes 24h a day and coordinates with arrivals. In other words - yes!

  • leonie  - Ben Gurion - Nahariya

    Maybe you can help me?
    I need to go from Ben Gurion airport to Nahariya (north of israel). What is the best to go, how much would it cost by taxi? set price or meter? I arrive at 17.20 tomorrow. I have a child 2 years, What about childseats in taxi? ofcourse i can not take my own with me...
    Please advice also if I should make a reservation
    Thank you so much in advance!

  • mike pash  - answer

    hi leonie, i don't know if you still need the info,

    but take the Sherut run by the Amal company which runs up to Haifa it costs around 100 shekel, tell him that you want to go further to nahariya he will then drop you off in Hadar on Herzl street, and from there you wait for a sherut to Naharija it will cost 15 shekels :-)

    i hope i could help you

  • sybil roslyn  - Tel Aviv Sherut to Haifa on Saturday

    what is the name of the sherut company that runs a sherut to Haifa

    thank you

  • Mike Bennett  - Ben Gurion airport to Jerusalem (Old city)

    I am in a party of 4 friends wanting to get from Ben Gurion airport to the Old City of Jerusalem. How much would this cost per person using the Sherut shared taxi system please?

    Tel Aviv Guide Airport Reply

    Being 4 people, it will cost almost the same as taking a regular taxi.

    A sherut to a specific address in Jerusalem is around 60NIS per person.

    A regular taxi to a specific address in Jerusalm will be 250-300NIS.

    Good luck!
    Thank you for your help.


  • TP  - Caesarea

    Hi there.
    We're coming to Tel Aviv in two weeks and were wondering are there sheruts that go to Caesarea?

  • Kama Lew  - Sherut from Ben Gurion to Ovda

    Hi could you please let me know if there is a sherut from Ben Gurion airport to Ovda airport and if so what apprx. how much does it cost? Any alternatives i.e. bus or train? I know I could fly but I prefer not to; one flight a day is more than enough for me. Many thanks in advance

    Well, there is no direct way of reaching Ovda from Ben Gurion besides by plane (as surprising as this may be). You could get a bus to Ovda via Tel Aviv or Jerusalem Central Bus Stations and you could take a taxi, but that will come up to quite a hefty sum because of the great distance (about a 4 hours drive).

    Best of luck!

  • Melissa  - Need to get from Ben Gurion to Haifa on Shabbat


    I'm a 20 year old American coming to Israel on my own to stay with friends. I land at Ben Gurion on a Saturday afternoon and need to get to Haifa, what is the best and cheapest way to do this?


    Tel Aviv Guide Reply
    The best and cheapest way to get to Haifa on a Saturday would be a sherut (shared taxis). They wait outside the arrivals hall - you can't miss them.

  • Nigel  - Sherut - Tel Aviv airport to Jerusalem on a Friday

    Hope someone can help: We will be arriving in Tel Aviv airport on a Friday evening after 6pm.
    Are there any Sherut taxi service running between the airport and Jerusalem during the Sabbat?
    How much does it cost, please?

    Many thanks in advance.

    Dear User,
    Please view previous replies - sherut run 24/7

  • jana  - jerusalem-tel-aviv

    Please, can you give me an advice, how to travel from Jerusalem to Tel-Aviv and back in one day (only to visit a friend while a stay in Israel?
    Thanks, Jana

    Dear Jana,
    Buses and Sherut taxi service are all good options.
    Good Luck!
    Tel Aviv guide Team

  • Liola

    I would like to know if there is any sherut from Tel Aviv to Haifa on Saturdays and from where in Tel Aviv? Thank you


  • Libby K.  - No sheruts on Saturday

    If you want to go to Haifa from Tel Aviv on Saturday you will need to take a taxi as sheruts don't operate on Saturday because of Shabbat observances.

  • Mek

    My family and I are traveling to Israel next week. We need to get to Jerusalem from the Ben Gurion airport. My husband and I have a 1 year old toddler. My brother and his wife have a 3 yr. old and an 8 month old baby. Can all of the children ride in a sherut without a car seat? Even the 8 month old?

    Thank you for your help.


    Admin Reply
    All children can, by law, ride taxis without car seats in Israel. Whether or not you chose to do so is up to you...
    With such a large group of you, you might want to consider taking a private cab.
    Good luck!

  • jack klein  - From Airport to Yeshiva?

    Hi, my son is coming in tomorrow. How does he get a Sherut at the airport and will it take him to the Kotel or close?

    Admin Reply
    The Sherut service takes passengers directly to where they need to get to in Jerusalem and Haifa.

  • Hector  - Sherut from Tantur to Tel Aviv

    Goodmorning. I live in Bethlehem and I've to reach the airport tomorrow. Which number I've to dial to book a sherut from Tantur to Ben Gourion? thanks in advance

    Admin Reply
    Unfortunately, we do not have that information.

  • Alex  - Bus station

    Hi i'm actually in ein bokek and i would like to take the bus to go back to tel aviv, there's one going from where i am to HaHagana bus station and i'd like to know if HaHagana bus staion is far from the train station "Tel Aviv-HaHagana"?

    Admin Reply
    It's the same place :)
    Good luck!

  • Ilya

    Are there sherut taxis from Arlosorov train station to Haifa on Fri, 23rd Dec, and how often do they run after 2pm.

    Thanks, Ilya

  • Daniel

    i woull like to know if is there Sherut from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on sabbath ?

  • Eva  - Ben Gurion-TA New Central Bus Station

    Maybe I missed something, but are there sherut taxis between the airport and the New Central bus station in TA on shabbat?

    Unfortunately, sheruts don't run from Tel Aviv to the Ben Gurion Airport...
    The only option during Shabbat is a taxi.
    Hadar Taxis offer reduced prices: 03-9711103
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • volunteer13  - re: Sherut (Shared Taxis)


    I know that the sheruts drive 24/7 but also on jewish holidays like hannukka??
    And is there a sherut shuttle from nahariya to ben gurion airport?
    and is there any possibility to book a sherut so that there is one for sure when i need it?
    thanks in advance! ;)

    Sheruts work all days of the year besides Yom Kipur.
    It's usually not possible to book a sherut in advance.
    As far as we know, there is no sherut directly from Naharia to Ben Gurio.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • L.K.  - sherut on Saturday

    My flight leaves Tel Aviv on Nov. 19 at 8PM. I will be staying at Hotel De La Mer on Ha-Yarkon Street. What is the best way of getting to the airport? Thanks.

  • Guest  - From Ben Gurion to Kfar Maccabiah (Ramat Gan)

    Is there sherut that can drive me from the airport to that hotel or should I catch a taxi and how much it will cost (one person, day time arrival).
    Thank you

  • ching  - sherut from jerusalem to tel aviv

    I'm going on saturday yom kepor what time the sherut will start and what is the telephone number number of sherut from jerusalen going to tel aviv.

  • Renee

    Do the sherut taxi service run between jerusalem and tel aviv on Rosh Hashanah 29.9.11

    Admin Reply:
    Sherut taxis operate 24/7 all year round. On certain holidays and at certain times of day less people travel, so despite the fact that they operate, you might have to wait a very long time for the taxi to fill up...

  • david  - Sherut from Haifa to Ben Gurion on Sat

    My flight departure at Ben Gurion is 11pm, can you tell me where I can take Sherut at Haifa and how much it's approx.?
    Any phone number I can dial to make sure I will get the service? Thanks.

  • Ed  - Sherut Tel Aviv Haifa

    Is there a sherut from Tel Aviv (Ben Gurion Airport) to Haifa, on a Sunday after 18:00 hrs.

    Dear Visitor,
    As you can see in the Ben Gurion article and in previous responses, Sherut taxi services work 24h to Jerusalem, Haifa and some other destinations.
    They coordinate the Sherut with expected incoming flights.
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Anonymous

    Estimados, les agradecería me informen si hay sherut taxi desde el puerto de Ashdod a Tel Aviv o Jaffa, es para el lunes 15 de agosto 2011, gracias.

  • Lior  - Is their service from tel aviv to Netanya past mid

    Anyway to get to Netanya from tel aviv past midnight? Are their sherut or bus service?

  • Worried Bob  - Sherut BenGurion-Hotel in Tel Aviv - Saturday 4 af

    Hi! I'm arriving at Ben Gurion on Saturday July 16,2011 at 4:00h in the afternoon - is it easy to find a Sherut from the airport to a hotel at Ben Yehuda Street? Do they take luggage (not big)? How much can I expect to pay? Also.. will I be able to check in to the hotel or do I have to wait till evening? Thanks!!

  • Gerald Heffernan  - BSherut from Ben Gurion to Tiberias on Saturday

    We arrive in Ben Gurion on Sat 17th Sep 19:30. Is ther a sherut from the airport to Tiberias.?

  • Lbowtennis  - A little help needed please

    :D Hi can you tel me how to get from tel aviv dizengoff to herzlia on Wednesday June 8 shavuot by sherut. Thanks

  • Andrea b. spiritos  - Sherut to Ashkelon

    Is there a sherut that goes from Tel Aviv to Ahshkelon and one that goes from Ashkelon to Tel Aviv/

  • Raphi  - Festival Travels Jeruslalem to Tel-Aviv

    Hi, I would like to get to Tel-Aviv from Harel Interchange near Jerusalem on Wednesday/Shavuot. How often does the Sherut run between Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv and what is the fare and of course where in Tel-Aviv does it stop? La-Gaurdia Bridge/CBS. Or do I have to call for one? What is the contact details or maybe a website specifically on Sherut/other Minibus transportation?
    Much appreciated.

  • Yael  - Sherut herzliya

    could someone please tell me if there is a sherut from tel aviv to herzliya running frequently on 18th April (day before pesach). What's the number & where do I catch it from?
    Thanks for your help!

  • guest

    is there any sherut that goes from jerusalem to tel-aviv? where can i catch it or contact someone so i can rent a sherut for me and my friend? and how much would it be.
    thatnk u

  • Moshe  - tel aviv to jerusalem

    there is a sherut that goes from jerusalem to tel aviv. you can catch it right by ben yehuda and jaffa road. just ask someone and they will be able to point out the location. normally its about 25 shekels and a little more on shabbat.


    Do the sheruts from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv still leave from the central bus station as I didn't notice any there recently. Or do they now only depart from the location you mentioned above? Thanks.

  • Hanneke Höften  - sherut on sabbath

    Is it possible to travel on sabbath from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem by a sherut?

  • Nicola Shorvon  - travelling on Passover

    I am going to Tel Aviv in April. I will be leaving for Ben Gurion Airport on the 19th April - the first day of passover. The flight is not until 5.00 am. Will I be able to get a Sherut at this time, and on Passover ?

  • Sophia  - asking help


    We are going to arrive to Ben Gurion International Airport (Tel-Aviv) on 27 Januar 2011 at 23:30. Could you help me how can we travel to Jerusalem at this time? Is it a sherut during the night? Where can I find the timetable of sherut?

    Thank you very much.

  • Mike  - Ben Gurion Airport to Akko


    We are on Ben Gurion Airport at Saturday 30 April 2011.
    Where do I catch a Sherut from Ben Gurion Airport to Akko? How much should it cost? We are a group of 12 People.



  • Mike  - Ben Gurion Airport to Akko


    We are on Ben Gurion Airport at Saturday 30 April 2011.
    Where do I catch a Sherut from Ben Gurion Airport to Akko? How much should it cost? We are a group of 12 People.



  • matt  - Jerusalem to BG

    How do I book a sherut from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion airport?

  • gorka

    I was recently in Israel. I took a sherut from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem on 20th of november (2010) and i forget a pullower inside. Do you know if there is any way for contact to the sheruts?.

    Dear User,
    Try Nesher Taxis: 02-6257227
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Anonymous

    Could someone inform me of what the best way to get to and from Ramot HaSharon is on Friday? Erev Shabbas and Motzie Shabbas?

  • Jerry  - ??

    I find all this transportation stuff in Israel extremely confusing. Can somebody give a SIMPLE response..arriving Sunday 12/19. Going to the 7 Arches in Jerusalem. Do the cabs take one straight to the hotel?

    Dear User,
    The cabs (or shared taxis) take everyone to the exact destination they need to reach. This makes the ride longer (as there are many stops)but considerably cheaper.
    Transportation in Israel is, unfortunately, quite confusing and at times not very efficient. Hopefully, this will change within a few years.

  • Sarah  - Sherut between Eilat and Tel Aviv

    Is there a sherut that runs between Eilat and Tel Aviv? If so does it run on Friday and Saturday?

    Dear User,
    There is no Sherut service from Tel Aviv to Eilat. However, there are a number of buses that go from Tel Aviv to Eilat every day of the week. On Fridays the bus service stops mid-day and on Saturdays the service is renewed in the evening.
    Enjoy your stay,
    Tel Aviv Guide

  • Dan

    Arriving in Ben Gurion on a Friday about 10 minutes before shabbat starts. Is there anyway into Tel Aviv apart from Taxi on shabbat? If so, any tips for taxis?

    Dear User,
    Chances are that a taxi will be your only option. Sadly, even if you arrive earlier on Friday, the train service is not very good.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Goldberg  - Sherut from Ben Gurion to Jerusalem at 3.00 a.m.

    Do the Sheruts from Ben Gurion to Hotels in Jerusalem work during the night. In other words, we arrive at Ben Gurion at about 3 a.m. Are the Sheruts still running to Hotels in Jerusalem?

    Dear User,
    As detailed in previous responses - the sherut to Jerusalem in a 24h service that is run in coordination with arrivals. The sherut runs all hours of the day and night.

  • joyce  - information

    just wanna ask if there is available sherut 29 today and tomorrow going to herzliyya from kfar saba

  • peggy  - How do I get to the Central Bus Station in Tel Avi

    I am staying on the corner of Ba alay Malach and Yonahan Sandler in the Sheinkin area of Tel Aviv. I will have 2 suitcases and a back pack and need to get to Jerusalem. Can the Sherut pick up directly at the apartment house. If not how do I get to the Central Bus Station. If I choose to just take a taxi myself roughly how much will the taxi fare be. Any other suggestions as to how to get to Jerusalem with my luggage in tow.
    Thanks - PS I'm in my 60's

  • Anonymous


    I am interested is there sherut from Ben Gurion airport to Tel Aviv (Ben Yehuda street) and what number after midnight? How much it costs?


    Dear User,
    Please check out our Ben Gurion Airport article.

  • John Myhill  - Sherut from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem

    I understand that there is sherut service from Tel-Aviv Central Bus Station to Jerusalem 24/7, and the cost is NIS 35. I understand that there is not really a fixed schedule but the driver leaves when the sherut is full.
    I'm interested in service at night, say after 11. If I arrive at the Tel-Aviv station at 11 at night on a Tuesday in August, how long on the average will I have to wait for the next sherut? What if it's at 12 at night? Where does the sherut end up in Jerusalem? Thanks.

    Dear User,
    Indeed it isn't easy to predict how long it will take for the sherut taxi to fill up. Sometimes you are the last to arrive and the taxi leaves immediately, and other times a full taxi just left and you are the first on a new taxi waiting for passengers. So it can take anywhere between 1-30 min, depending on sheer luck. Until 00:00, it shouldn't take too long and you're not likely to wait longer than 15-20 min.
    The Sherut arrives in the center of town in Jerusalem, near Zion Square, ...

  • Edmond Iancu  - sherut from Jerusalem

    Is there a sherut from Jerusalem to the Ben Gurion Airport on Shabbat? If so, how would I contact it?
    Thanks in advance !

    Dear User,
    You book the Sherut taxi service from Jerusalem to Ben Gurion via Nesher Taxis:
    The service works 24/7 and you should book your taxi 24 hours in advance.
    Good luck!

  • EP  - Sherut on Rosch ha-Schana

    is there a sherut taxi from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem on Sept. 9 (Rosch ha-Schana)?

    Dear User,
    As mentioned a number of times throughout the article, the shared taxis from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv work 24/7. Yom Kipur is the only day you can't get service.
    The only thing is that on holidays and late at night, you usually have to wait longer-much longer for the taxi to fill up.
    At a reasonable time of day on Rosh Hashana, however, you should be all right.
    Good luck!

  • Jennifer  - Tel Aviv Sherut to Jerusalem


    Where do I catch the sherut from Tel Aviv (not the airport) to Jerusalem? How much should it cost?


    Dear Tel Aviv Guide Visitor,
    You cathch the Sherut taxis from the Tel Aviv Central Bus Station.
    Should cost around NIS 35, but it varies (holidays, day/night etc).
    Good luck!

  • Joel  - baby car seat needed ?


    We have a 1-year old baby. We do not have a baby car seat. Can he ride on the sherut without a baby car seat ? Is a sherut just like a bus where seat belts are not used ?

    Admin Reply
    Dear User,
    Yes, a Sherut, just like a bus, has no seat belts and you can travel with your toddler without a car seat according to the law. If you put him or her on your knees you don't even have to pay.
    As regards your second questions, the sherut is indeed cash only. You might manage to pay in dollars, but there's a good chance the drivers will demand NIS.
    Enjoy your stay!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Burt Feuerstein  -  4 July Jerusalem to Rehovot

    Any recommendation regarding transportation from Jerusalem to Rehovot on 4 July? How much would a taxi cost? Is there a sherut?

  • MK  - hours of operation

    do you know if there are sherutim from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 24 hours, or are there designated hours of operation?

    Dear User,
    See comments and article for further info.
    Good luck!

  • Joel  - payment for sherut

    Is it NIS cash only ?
    Or can I use a credit card ?
    Or can I pay with US dollars ?

  • Guest  - sherut

    Is there a sherut from ramat aviv to ben gurion airport? if so, which one is it?

    Dear User,
    No, there is no sherut.
    Please check out our Ben Gurion Airport article for further info.
    Good luck!

  • Brian  - Modiin to Tel Aviv on Shabbat

    Is there a sherut from Modiin to Tel Aviv on Shabbat? If so, how would I contact it?

    Dear User,
    Don;t believe there is a Sherut from Modiin to Tel Aviv - just from Jerusalem. This Sherut taxi service goes from Modiin to Jerusalem: 04-6724141. We suggest you contact them for further inquiries.
    Good luck!

  • Ed  - sherut tel aviv airport to jerusalem

    Are there any pitfalls or snags to avoid or can one just exit with carry-on luggage and step onto the first available Sherut to, say, Jaffa or Damascus Gates, Jerusalem? Rip-offs to avoid?
    Is it really still around NIS 10 for this journey? Ed

    Dear Ed,
    Yes, you can feel free to just get on a sherut taxi when you leave the Ben Gurion Airport - it's all quite organized there are there aren't any pitfalls that need avoiding.
    However, it is no longer 10 NIS, but more in the area of 50 NIS to travel from the airport to Jerusalem.
    Good luck!
    The Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Anonymous

    does anybody know the hours ther run in Jerusalem? or from city to city?thanks

    Dear User,
    The Sherut taxis run from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem 24/7. However, if you try catching a taxi at an especially late hour of the night (after 12:00 on weekdays and after 1:00-2:00 on weekends), you could find yourself waiting for a very,very long time...
    So, if you don't want the ride to turn into a nightmare, best bet would be to try taking a sherut any time between 8:00 in the morning and 11:00 at night (Sun-Fri) and 13:00-11:00 on Saturdays.

  • Phyllis Avni  - Ms.

    I need the schedule for the sherut 4 ALEF,
    does it start in Jaffa and goes to Ramat Aviv Gimmel?
    thank you. Phyllis Avni

    Admin Reply
    Dear Phyllis,
    The 4 Alef sherut does indeed go all the way to Ramat Aviv Gimmel, but it does not head out from Jaffa but from the Tel Aviv's Central Bus Station. Basically, it takes the same route that the 4 sherut takes, but continues further. Management claims that they pass about every 10-15 min, but that it not always the case... So, make sure you leave early if you're counting on 4 Alef Sherut.
    Good Luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide Team

  • Taxi  - Sherut (Shared Taxis)

    I think that you can book for a SERUT service from airport at

  • Karin  - Sherut T.A. Airport to Jerusalem?

    Are there sheruts that go from Ben Gurion Airport directly to Jerusalem?

  • S Bruder  - Sherut Between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem

    Is there place for a suitcase on a Sabbath Sherut and is there an extral cost?

  • Guest  - Running on weekends

    This is the only public transportation in the city running on Saturday.
    Sherut lines 4, 5 & 16.

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