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The bus system in Tel Aviv is very convenient, running frequent buses to everywhere around town.

Two bus companies operate in the Tel Aviv area: “Egged” and “Dan”.  “Dan” is the main bus company inside the city of Tel Aviv, and “Egged” is the main Israeli bus company outside of Tel Aviv.

Ticket Options:

1)  Free-Pass - If you plan to stay in Tel Aviv for a while, a monthly pre-paid bus card is probably the best way to go. 

2)  Daily Pass 
3)  Multiple Entry Ticket - You can get 10 rides for a reduced price if you choose this option. 

4)  Regular ticket - A one way ticket in the city costs about 5 NIS - approx $1. 

Tickets are available on the bus itself and are purchased directly from the driver.  

The “Egged” bus company’s website is:

The “Dan” bus company’s website is:

Comments (7)
  • Arnie Berman  - directions

    staying at Dizengoff Suites corner DIZENGOFF and Gordon where and what bus will get mevto the Israel museum Rabin Centre

  • Anonymous

    hi i just trying to get information abut the bus no. from allenby to hartuv 5..

  • Konrad Stahl  - Prof

    I need to go from Ben Gurion to Dizengoff Sea Residence (128 Dizengoff), and from there to Tel Aviv University.

  • ser  - travel in tel aviv

    Icome the first time in tel aviv with my family.

    from Ben Gurion airport,I arrive by train to the Savidor station(give the price of ticket).

    for going to GORDON INN,witch the bus number I must take?(and give me the price of ticket).
    thank you very much to help me.

    Toda and Shabbat Shalom

  • Ilya Kogan  - Much of this information is outdated.

    1. There are more than two bus companies,
    2. A smart card has been recently introduced in addition (and sometimes instead of) paper tickets.

    Here is some up-to-date information:

    Article about buses in Tel Aviv:

    Article about fares and tickets for buses in Tel Aviv: gush-dan

  • jeanne  - going to kibbutz Sufa in Neguev

    Hi !

    I will arrive in Ben Gourion airport and I would like to go to Kibbutz Sufa.

    Can I reach the kibbutz from Tel Aviv (buses, sheroutim) ?

    I saw I could go by train to ashkelon. From there, would it be easier to go to Sufa ?



  • Ken mcpherson  - buses on sat to givatiam

    Hi just trying to get confirmation what time busses start to run after shabatt on sat betwen tel aviv and givatiam

    can you confirm ???

    many thanks


    Admin Reply
    Dear Guest,
    Buses start after the Shabbat is out, i.e. after sunset. It varies slightly each week, but by 18:30 19:00, the bus service should certainly be operating again.
    Good luck!
    Tel Aviv Guide

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