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Hacarmel Market
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Comments (8)
  • Anonymous

    It's Crembo. Enjoy

  • Cali  - Bread

    At the end of the market on a side street to the right is a great bread shop- delicious fresh bread at low prices.

  • french girl  - very good strawberrys

    If you go in this market in december/ january it's wonderful to eat some very very good strawberrys just with chantilly cream...this market is wonderful to eat cheaper every days.

  • Kate

    Well, I'm not so sure about the chocolate in HaCarmel Market - it isn't usually all that fresh...

  • Guest  - Best Chocolate prices

    If you start at Allenby St, go all the way to the end of the market. On the right hand side is a vendor selling all kinds of chocolate at the best prices. Even more important, the chocolate is in a refridgerator which keeps the chocolate fresher longer. I especially like the variety of Elite chocolate bars he has.

  • Steven

    Hi All,
    I have been try a kind of ball chocolate (when get into mouth, change to a cream)in Tel Aviv but not remember its name. It shape like a ball, cover by blue aluminium foil. Please advice if anyone know where to find it or the website to view. Thanks...

  • gali from israel

    hi, you are talking about KREMBU - its very popular in israel and everybody love it! but you can find it only in the winter

  • Douglas Duckett  - A taste (literally) of everyday Israel

    In May 2005 I returned to Israel for my seventh visit, but my first since 1999, and it was the very first visit ever for the friend who came with me. She works with me, and though she had no prior connection with the country, she decided to come with me to see what this love of Israel was all about.

    Our first day we set out from our hotel near the Hilton on Ha-Yarkon Street and walked down Dizengoff, past the square, no particular destination in mind. Suddenly, we stumbled on Ha-Carmet Shuk (market), and I knew I had hit pay dirt. Joy wanted to experience "real Israel" and "real Israelis," and her it was. We wandered through the market, checking out the clothes, smelling the food and the spices, listening to the vendors hawk their wares and taunt each other over space, prices, quality, or sports teams. it was fabulous. I saw Joy's eyes light up at the chance to see a slice of everyday life, and the sights and sounds made for a perfect first day in Israel.


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