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Neve Tzedek
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  • ilana  - Shop opening times

    I have been to Israel over 30 times but now I am bringing three friends - A Hindu, A Muslim and a Catholic to see Israel for a few days and I am very excited.
    I want to bring them to Neve Tzedek and the Tachana but we will not get to Tel Aviv until early evening - Are the shops open after 6.30pm?

  • Marcia Tuler

    My friend. who lives in Ramat Gan, recommended Neve Tzedek (or central to northern Tel Aviv) for our month long rental when we come to Israel from 25 January to 22 February 2012. We want a one bedroom with kitchen facilities as a base while we tour and visit friends...we lived in Jerusalem for 4 years in the 70's and have returned (staying in Jerusalem with friends) many times over the years. Do you have any recommendations for us?

  • adi  - re:

    Yes i got something for you, do you want to be in touch with me?
    Here is the apartment/:

    Got some more options so you are welcome to bein touch!!


  • David Smulovitch  - Help please .. information.

    In Neve Tzedek there is an abandoned cinema, or something, on a corner location, called the Eden.

    What actually was it and who owns it now please. Will it be put back to a local cultural use?



  • danny Gilad  - living in Tel aviv

    I am a resident of the neighborhood. I fell in love there even before I moved here. In recent years, ???? ??? is changing into to fill spots. Too bad that in recent years skyscrapers popping up ..

  • Anonymous

    Are the shops open on Saturdays?

  • ???? ???  - You can not know the neighborhood, it really has c

    I love this neighborhood. Not just I moved there several years ago. Nothing like a particular scent of the street on Saturday night. Neve Tzedek is changing, suddenly pop up really beautiful buildings.

  • Nicole  - L'Atelier 30 Chelouche Street

    During my recent trip to Tel Aviv, I spent an afternoon in Neve Tsedek.
    the most beautiful neighborhood with lots of cafes and little shops.
    I discovered this amazing place called "L'Atelier" .
    I fell in love with it, it's worth the trip to Chelouche St. # 30.
    Not to be missed !!!!!!!

  • michelle weiss

    love love love Neve Tzedek fell in love
    with this gorgeous quaint 'village'
    area of Tel Aviv, beautiful shops, restaurants, arcitecture, the entire area has a wonderful feel to it, close to the artists quarters of Jaffa, even the little boutique hotel, Nina is quait..chic and charming, just to spend a day there away from the bussle of the centre of Tel Aviv is wonderful, .... if i could, I would live there tomorrow.

  • Rent a Villa in Neve Tzedek

    I love Neve Tzedek. I have lived here for 3 years and I can' t imagine a better place to live. Despite being in the center of downtown you can still feel the sense of neighbourhood that you might in a small town or an old village. There are parks and quiet streets but you can walk anywhere in the downtown. The beach is steps from your door step what more could you ask for. If you have the option to stay in Tel Aviv I highly recommend it!

  • Dani Deutsch from Austria

    Wonderfull city and a wonderfull land. As my grandmother allways said, if you will have a jewish life, go to Israel! Shalom!

  • Veronica Goldberg  - spa in Neve Tsedek

    Neve Tsedek has the best spa also that I have ever been to. It is is right in Suzanne Dallal center called Planet Spa and it has a beautiful boutique in it also. I have a 3 hour package and it was divine

  • mark  - beautiful place

    thank you for the great information.
    i would like to recomend the charming little boutique of SAMY D., a very talnted israeli ceramic artist and designer. beautiful artwork and tableware in resonable prices concidering the places his designs are showen and gis internationaly clientele.

  • Palony  - Usefull Info

    Usefull article, thank for your information.

  • J

    Great neighborhood- very expensive shopping.

  • Lio  - Nina Cafe and Boutique Hotel

    We found info of your article very usefull, thank you.
    Neve tzedek is realy the most beutifull part of Tel Aviv
    we stayed at this beutifull boutique hotel, above its parisian style Cafe, called Nina

    hope others Njoy it as well

  • Efraín Gubelmann Lautmann  - Hello

    I love this city,please send information about the Bauhaus building,i loved Neve Tzedek.Thank for you time.

  • Guest  - Nice site

    Thanks for excellent site, very useful for me. Respect!

  • Justin  - A real Tel Aviv gem

    Neve Tzedek is often tucked away and forgotten about, or just skimmed over.

    This place offers a haven for lovers of architecture, arts, crafts, food (and coffee), designer clothes and jewellery, sun, greenery, shopping, history and the list goes on...

    Make sure you spend time on Shabazi Street - the main thoroughfare.

    The success of Neve Tzedek can be owed to the restoration efforts of developers and Tel Aviv - Yaffo City Council - as such, many of the buildings have been restored and rennovated - with modern additions to traditional vernacular buildings creating a dynamic, playful and interesting place to visit.

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