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Tel Aviv Cinematheque
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The Tel Aviv Cinematheque shows films of different genres and tastes.  Classical works of the finest directors, contemporary mainstream options, and of course a good selection of experimental and avant-garde pieces.

Many youngsters, especially students, crowd this cinema, watching either recent films for lower prices or timeless classics on the big screen.  There are many cultural events in the building or outside on the entrance square, comics festival and D&D fiestas alongside important political and social rallies.

The cinematheque organizes many well-known annual festivals in different fields of cinema (documentary, animation etc.). This institute is very much involved in social and political questions of Israeli society.  The cinematheque has allowed the screening of films which have been cast aside by official or social censorship, especially concerning the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.
After watching a film you can drop by one of the posh restaurants on Ha'arbah St. (Onami for example), or just grab a coffee in the trendy Noah Café (93 Ehad Ha'am St.) with its scattered books, newspapers and overpriced coffee. 

Check the local English newspapers to see what's on or pick up a program in the cinematheque. 

Address: 2 Sprinzak St.
Tel: (03) 606-0800  


Comments (2)
  • olia panayotopoulou

    Dear Sirs,
    on behalf of the Thessaloniki Cinema Museum, i would like to ask you whether you own material shot in super-8. The purpose of this question is the wish of the Museum to align with a Ministry of Culture, which plans a number of cultural collaborations between Greece and Middle Eastern countries. Of course, we could brainstorm over ideas we have, should you be interested.
    Thank you in advance for your time and prompt reply,

    Olia Panayotopoulou
    Thessaloniki Cinema Museum

  • Anonymous

    it's a shame that the webpage of the cinematheque is but in Hebrew

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