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value for money in tel aviv

Hostels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the most happening city in the Middle East and it attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists annually. The city is situated in the center of Israel making it the perfect home base for tourists who want to explore the country.

The city offers the perfect urban vacation and hosts over 60 different cultural events daily. Known for its nightlife scene and festivals, as well as its museums and history, Tel Aviv appeals to a wide audience.

One of the best ways to enjoy Tel Aviv, which is considered one of the world’s most expensive cities, is to stay at a hostel.

You can find cheap accommodation in Tel Aviv hostels which are trendy and clean and inviting. Hostels offer different types of rooms for couples, families or solo travelers, some are single-sex rooms while others are mixed.

Who can (and should) be a hosteler?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that hostels are only for young people. They might be called “youth hostels” but every year you will find more seniors and families hosteling. It’s the best way to vacation if you’re on a budget or if you just don’t find all the luxuries big hotels have to offer are important. Some hostels do have age restrictions, so don’t forget to ask before you book.

Tel Aviv is full of hostels, offering affordable accommodation. Over recent years more young local Tel Avivians have come home from travelling the world and opened up independent youth hostels in the city. Wanting to offer travelers an amazing “like a local” experience, you’ll feel at home in any of these hostels in just a couple of hours.

You’ll never be bored in a Tel Aviv hostel. Whether you just want to relax and hang out or if you want to go out and see the town.

Most hostels offer different types of entertainment and organized activities, like concerts by up and coming local bands, lectures, workshops and parties.

Many of the local hostels take guests on pub crawls and out to experience the famous Tel Aviv nightlife.

Hostel guests always know what’s going on in the city, because the staff makes it their business to keep them in the know.

One thing’s for sure – when you stay in a Tel Aviv hostel you will meet lots of new people, and you won’t even have to leave the premises to have a good time, although we thoroughly recommend that you get out there, enjoy the special vibe and see as much as you can of this amazing city.


You’ll find good hostels in different parts of the city. From the beach front area to the old industrial areas to the residential neighborhoods. The old Florentine neighborhood that has been renewed is the hippest place to be. You will find hostels in Jaffa, in the heart of Tel Aviv and along the Yarkon Park.



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