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Hotels in Tel Aviv

if you are looking for the best resouce on hotels in tel aviv - you came to the right place!

Looking for your next holiday destination? Tel Aviv might be the perfect place for you. This buzzing city, situated on the coast of Israel, was dubbed the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool‘ by the New York Times and it truly lives up to its moniker.

The Israeli city that never sleeps is the perfect vacation spot, no matter what time of year. With its stunning golden beaches, some believe the best time to visit Tel Aviv is during the summer. However, Israel boasts beach weather almost year round, with the best months to visit being from March to November.

During the summer you can expect inflated prices in Tel Aviv and it can be difficult to find a last minute hotel accommodation, so to get a good room book as early as possible. There’s so much to do in this vibrant city that you won’t be bored if you stay a couple of days or even a few weeks.

The Tel Aviv Global Tourism Office’s 2017-18 tourism numbers show that the city had 7,535 hotel rooms in 2015, and this number is steadily growing. 830,100 tourists visited the greater Tel Aviv area, 57% of them returning visitors. Of these visitors 26% were visiting friends, 33% were business travelers and 32% visited the city as tourists.

And, because Israel is such a tiny country Tel Aviv is the perfect place to base yourself if you are planning to visit Israel’s many tourist spots around the country.


Whether you’re looking for economy or luxury accommodation, you’ll easily find accommodation to suit any budget in Tel Aviv.

Boutique hotels in Tel Aviv

Boutique hotels

hotel montefiore

These small, chic boutique hotels are like hidden gems in the city, you will find them in beautifully revamped buildings between residential buildings, on the beachfront and even close to the markets.

With their spacious, meticulously designed rooms, and the little luxuries they offer – like breakfasts delivered to the rooms, it’s no wonder that boutique hotels are such a hit in Tel Aviv.

Luxury hotels in Tel Aviv

Luxury Hotels

sheraton hotel

If you’re looking for a bigger, luxury hotel you won’t be disappointed. Tel Aviv is home to some big international hotels, like the Hilton and the Sheraton, as well as Israeli big brands like the Dan. Whenever anybody mentions luxury hotels in Tel Aviv you’ll be sure to hear about the Norman and the Varsano Hotel (which was previously owned by Gal Gadot and her husband, Yaron Varsano).

Tel Aviv’s luxury hotels have a high level of service and fantastic facilities to meet all their guests’ needs.

Cheap hotels in Tel Aviv

Cheap hotels

deborah hotel

Although Tel Aviv is an expensive city for tourists, it is possible to find less expensive accommodation; like the Olympia, next to the beach; Sun City Hotel or Maxim Hotel.

The hotels in this group offer great value for the money, and although you might have to forgo the swimming pool, it’s not much of a sacrifice with the Mediterranean Sea right there and so many things to see and do around the city.

beach hotels in Tel Aviv

beach hotels

herods hotel

Tel Aviv’s beach strip is lined with hotels and is considered one of the best areas to stay in the city. You’ll find a variety of hotels for every budget along HaYarkon Street, which lies parallel with the coastline.

Hotels right on the beach with a close proximity to everything the trendy city has to offer – what more could you ask for?

Hostels in Tel Aviv


Abraham Hostel

Hostels are an affordable and fun way to get to know Tel Aviv. You can take your pick of cool hostels around the city, including the Tel Aviv branch of the famous Abraham Hostel.

The Abraham Hostel offers guests a choice of dorm rooms or private rooms, as well as a bunch of fun facilities, like a lounge, a TV room, a bar, a cool rooftop and a guest kitchen where meals can be prepared and eaten together.

The hostel also holds cool events like parties, concerts and lectures.



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norman tel aviv

The Norman Tel Aviv

the norman hotel is the best hotel in the world - is it?
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