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Our Suggestions Must See Places Top 10 Attractions in Tel Aviv
Top 10 Attractions in Tel Aviv
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  • Brian Levitan

    A very good list ...... we did 8 of them ....but I would add .......
    1) Urban Culture Tour - by Guy Sharett - a MUST in addition to the Bauhaus ...
    2) The Farmers Market on Friday with or in addition to the the Yarkon Park
    3) Shuk Pishpeshim with or in addition to Old Jaffa
    4) Rabin Museum - History Timeline with self guided tour
    Either replace Suzanne Dellal and azrieli Centre - or maybe expand your list......

  • Tony  - Nice...

    Nice information, thanks

  • elen  - looking for this new place in TLV

    in a big hangar, with all kinds of entertainments, for adults and children
    very uptodate place
    liz, if someone can tell me where is it ??
    thanks !

  • Diane Brown  - elen

    Hanger 11 at the Old Port

  • Reneeb  - Abulafia

    I lived in Isreal about 20 years ago there was this part of town near Telaviv call Jaffa (spell). They made fire roasted egg and feta cheese pita/dough sandwiches. Trying to find the name of the place... It was open at night usually after the night clubs let out... I would love to find the recipe for this!

  • Joey Yasumatsu  - Sabon Shel Paam ????

    I think Sabon Shel Paam ???? ?? ??? should be the TOP must-visit store in Tel Aviv.

  • Eli

    There are so many other attractions. I am not sure that these attractions are a fair representation of the city

  • bulgaria property  - nice article


  • deepika  - Top Attractions

    Tel Aviv seems great. All the attractions at Tel Aviv are stupendous.

  • johan  - interesting

    interesting Tel Aviv travel stories

  • Al  - Markets

    Levinsky market in the southern part of Tel Aviv is a little market with some of the best spice shops in Tel Aviv and Turkish delights such as burekas it a nice short tour that shows how tel aviv was once

    Another nice option is a the new renovated flea market in Jaffa with its little restaurants and shops. a stroll in the market and launch in one of the restaurants there (such as Doctor Shakshuka) could be delightful

  • savtadotty  -

    I would replace the recommendation of the Tel Aviv Museum with the Diaspora Museum. Even for non-Jewish visitors, the Diaspora Museum is unique in the world. The Tel Aviv Museum is fine, but not in the same league.

  • Alon  - Tel Aviv's new port

    is a good place to be with its new restaurant , the beautiful sea view and the great breakfast at "gilly's" Its a great saturday morning stroll.

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