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Our Suggestions Must See Places Top 10 Attractions in Tel Aviv
Top 10 Attractions in Tel Aviv
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Comments (12)
  • Tony  - Nice...

    Nice information, thanks

  • elen  - looking for this new place in TLV

    in a big hangar, with all kinds of entertainments, for adults and children
    very uptodate place
    liz, if someone can tell me where is it ??
    thanks !

  • Diane Brown  - elen

    Hanger 11 at the Old Port

  • Reneeb  - Abulafia

    I lived in Isreal about 20 years ago there was this part of town near Telaviv call Jaffa (spell). They made fire roasted egg and feta cheese pita/dough sandwiches. Trying to find the name of the place... It was open at night usually after the night clubs let out... I would love to find the recipe for this!

  • Joey Yasumatsu  - Sabon Shel Paam ????

    I think Sabon Shel Paam ???? ?? ??? should be the TOP must-visit store in Tel Aviv.

  • Eli

    There are so many other attractions. I am not sure that these attractions are a fair representation of the city

  • bulgaria property  - nice article


  • deepika  - Top Attractions

    Tel Aviv seems great. All the attractions at Tel Aviv are stupendous.

  • johan  - interesting

    interesting Tel Aviv travel stories

  • Al  - Markets

    Levinsky market in the southern part of Tel Aviv is a little market with some of the best spice shops in Tel Aviv and Turkish delights such as burekas it a nice short tour that shows how tel aviv was once

    Another nice option is a the new renovated flea market in Jaffa with its little restaurants and shops. a stroll in the market and launch in one of the restaurants there (such as Doctor Shakshuka) could be delightful

  • savtadotty  -

    I would replace the recommendation of the Tel Aviv Museum with the Diaspora Museum. Even for non-Jewish visitors, the Diaspora Museum is unique in the world. The Tel Aviv Museum is fine, but not in the same league.

  • Alon  - Tel Aviv's new port

    is a good place to be with its new restaurant , the beautiful sea view and the great breakfast at "gilly's" Its a great saturday morning stroll.

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