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Top 10 Restaurants in Tel Aviv
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  • The chef tourist  - Don't miss the Container at jaffa port

    We have been there twice in a week long vacation in tel aviv.
    The food is great and the staff is lovely, we came on a tuesday and again on saturday as they had a free live music.
    try the ceviche and the israeli sardines, very good.
    its in jaffa port, just ask around for the Container and they will direct you

  • Anonymous

    What is the restaurant called that is located on the beach, it's very large, with orange letters written on top of the building, I think it's a dairy restaurant and it's definitely in Tel Aviv??? I think it stands alone and is not connected to any other building?

  • OD  - Restaurant on beach

    You are probably referring to Yotveta Ba'Ir, whose food is supplied by the kibbutz Yotveta. Pretty good dairy place!

  • Credora  - Thoroughly enjoyable gourmet experience

    The most amazing restaurant in Tel Aviv is called Hatzela HaShminit (the eigth rib). Its located in Rambam 16, next to Nachlat Benyamin (very central).
    The menue is very creative and goes from seafood and selfmade pasta to kobe beef (The only restaurant in Israel that has kobe beef on its regular menue).
    The quality of the food is on an extremly high level since everything is prepared on the spot and selfmade (like the bread, cheese, pasta, deserts...)
    There is also a very delightful winelist to complement the fantastic food.
    I went there with my boyfriend twice and its not exaggerated to say that we never ate something so good!
    It is recommendet to make a reservation!!

    Hatzela HaShminit
    Rambam 16
    Tel Aviv
    Tel: 03 5100995

  • Htc  - Cordelia

    Nir tsuk Cordelia is such a great restaurant. located in the lovely Jaffa, you have to go there! great atmosphere , great food! not cheap but worth every shekel

  • evelyn siegel  - puzhkin 27 montefiore street tel aviv

    a wonderful new find. The chef, Gili, serves delicious dishes which are not only a delight for the palate, but a feast for the eyes as well. The wine list is quite good and the service is top notch. I am an American and can truly state that this restaurant can favorably compare to any 5 star restaurant in the States.

  • natan  - Shibuya Sushi Bar Kosher

    shibuya sushi bar IS VALUE for money. located in the heart of the city on 28 bugrashov street, the quality of the fish is excellent and the prices are very reasonable. they offer excellent business lunch and the sashimi is consistently fresh. :D
    highly recommended

  • shisha  - zepra

    the best in tel aviv is Zepra...fantastic fusion and Sushi with very accurate service...a bit expensive but worth it

  • Yael  - Pushkin

    Pushkin is a modern European restaurant orchestrated by Chef Gilad Peled, a graduate from Cordeu Blue in London. Chef Peled recently returned from a lengthy stay overseas where he specialized in 6 prestigious restaurants, Michelin star rated restaurants.

    Pushkin has also has a private dining room that can seat up to 16 guests , a well-stocked bar with an excellent range of drinks and a selection of Cuban cigars.

    27 montefiore st. tel aviv 057-9439782
    Sun-fri 18:00 until the wee hours
    Sat 14:00 until the wee hours

  • shachar nave  - New & Hot and very tasty

    new restraunt in rochilds ave 45
    Social Club Bistro
    the best place in the city
    great food great winelist and cocktails


  • Galia  - Fu beats Onami

    The new sushi place that opened on Yermiahu street finally took the throne. In my opinion is much fresher than Onami and the place is very cool for drinks too and also cheaper!

  • Ben

    You're talking about Fu Sushi aren't you? Awesome!

  • local  - I am a local. Here are my recommendations:

    "Rafael" (from the article above) high society atmosphere (200NIS meal per person).
    "Brasserie" is for the whos and whos (150NIS).
    "Dabush" - local schwarma (30NIS).
    "Mul-Yam" - one of the best seafood in the world (400NIS).
    "Makom Shel Basar" - Steaks (150NIS).

  • lili  - israeli wines

    TERROIR rambam 16 st.A butiful wine bar & store specelized in israeli winerys -in "nacalat binyamin midrachov" we tasted many kinds of israel wines and enjoyed the grate tel-aviv atmosphere!

  • Arthur  - Indian restaurant

    I don't remember its name, but if you like Indian food, you'll love the Indian restaurant on Kikar Dizengoff, across from the Cinema Hotel. Best Indian food anywhere!

  • Michael  - Arthur's Indian

    It's called Tandoori and unless it has dramatically improved, steer clear. It's overpriced and bland. 24 Rupees is marginally better in terms of service and atmosphere, but still lacking in decent and authentic flavours. There is a gap in the market here for a decent Indian place to open up...

  • John

    Tandoori is the number one place to have Indian food in Israel. It's a chain and they r located all over the country. Ps the prices r moderate!

  • Gil  - Totally agree Tandoori is poor - some others

    For me and many others "Moon Sushi" is easily up there as one of the best of its kind.

    Coffee Bar, Cafe Noir, Barbunya, Meat Bar should also be looked up as splendid places to eat.

    I also highly recommend trying out Montifiure Hotel restaurant and across the road is a fun diner called Montifiure Yavne.

    Also one of the best humous places which is a local secret is Humous Nachmani. All these places are listed on google.

    Enjoy this amazing city!


  • Gil  - Agree with Michael, its really bad, steer clear

    How can you say its better than "anywhere" thats a massive mistake. The Indian restaurants in the UK (London and the north of UK) are the best Indian restaurants on the planet. Fact.

  • Alan  - Indian Restaurant

    It's called Tendoori and has about ten tables

  • Sue Grey  - Recommended Restaurant

    I went to the Martha Restaurant, 26 Ibn Gvirol st. at the weekend and had a really delightful meal in their garden. Food was really good as was the service and ambience. Prices are reasonable

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