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Manta Ray
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Comments (12)
  • ETSUKO  - Japanese News Paper

    I read about this Manta Ray Restaurant in Japanse News Paper held on this year, It's very interesting! They said Manta Ray served labneh, haloumi cheese,tzatziki and etc...
    I would like to eat those, someday!

  • Dana Ron  - All we wanted was seafood.

    I just called Mantaray in Tel Aviv to make reservations for Saturday for 10 people. They said that they do not take reservations for over 8 people. When we told them that we can just divide the reservation to 2 of 6 and 4, they told us that it is like we are trying to "fool them" because we are still 10 people... REALLY??!?!?! all we wanted was to eat seafood. Assholes.

  • Nick jones

    This place is much overrated. The location is great but the food is poor and the staff especially the manageress are unhelpful. If you ask to mix and match from the menu it is impossible, Arrogant beyond belief. To be avoided.

  • John James  - Are u kidding ?

    This speaks volumes about Dr. Hart.jmhaM

  • Dean Cohen  - Manta Ray More Like Up its own A** Aray !

    Ever since I have come back from Israel, while staying in the popular Neve tzedek I have been dying to sink my teeth into reviewing this absolute mess of a restaurant.
    As someone who enjoy good food and fine wines while at the same time appreciating quality service I was so upset to see how this restaurant has just become full of itself. I was particularly quite unimpressed when my wife was turned away at 4:00 PM by the security guard who told her that if she wanted a coffee she should go to a coffee shop and that they serve food here (I’m surprised he did not instruct her just to blatantly f**k off).

    The Restaurants I go to in Israel are about food, and quality service. I don’t know how on earth this place is going to remain the institution it once was. I recommend firing all of your staff for a start and then taking one good look in the mirror to remember who you are and what you do (it’s called the service industry because you are supposed to be providing it as such). If you ...

  • disel13

    shame on you cohen.
    you are not real.
    you smear this restaurant in different name on every available talkback.
    who are you working for

  • Nick jones

    Quite agree. Miserably bad service. I feel sorry for the staff and for those who go expecting that because of the location they are going to have a great experience.

  • Lisa Beinin Ratz  - Serious Problem

    I am in shock!! I just called to make a reservation for 13 people for Saturday, and I was told they do not make reservations for over 8. No logical explanation was given. So, I will be taking my business elsewhere.

  • John Skinner  - Excellent restaurant

    I had a marvellous dinner here with friends (and our reservation worked fine). The food is not cheap, but it is fresh, excellently cooked and well presented. Good wine, good service, lovely location. Great value for money in my opinion, a meal of this standard would have cost more in Germany. 10 out of 10.

  • Federico Devoto

    Manta Rey is always very busy so i booked the table for my family and 2 guest the day before.
    I phoned 40 minute before my booking time in order to confirm the table and surprisingly find out that i was not on the list. Very improfessionl

  • bradley cohen  - hm

    improfessionl is a word!

  • Charman Barham  - Senior Administrator to Dr. James Hart

    Dr. Hart visited the Manta Ray Restaurant June 2, 2007. He needs a receipt for his Expense Report. Can you please contact me in how to obtain a receipt for his visit to your restaurant. Thank you.

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