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Tel Aviv Map
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Comments (4)
  • Bruno Dando  - Guide of Institutions or Organizer Offices of Cult

    I was looking for contact possibilities with Venue Offices in order to organize Tango performances in Israel, but it was not possible. I would like to know how they are registered, in order to look for them and have information about telephon numbers or e-mail addresses to contact them .
    Looking forward for your reply
    Thank you very much
    Bruno Dando

  • Mark  - WHAT interactive map?

    You provide a link to a PDF formatted map. It's a decent map, and useful. But where is the INTERACTIVE map you are talking about?

  • Laura  - An excellent map

    This is a really excellent interactive map! I wish all cities would have something on this level.

  • Mike  - nice map

    I used it on my last trip and it was helpful finding the places i wanted to visit. The links to the guide were also helpful

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Tel Aviv Map

Tel Aviv Map

Tel Aviv MapDownload a PDF map of Tel Aviv here and click the hotspots to get updated reviews of hotels in Tel Aviv, restaurants, attractions and more