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We started this site to share our knowledge of this great city, so that you can make the most out of your visit to Tel Aviv. You’ll find handy traveler information about hotels, transportation and flights to Tel Aviv, things to do in the city and the different types of accommodation Tel Aviv has to offer – from boutique hotels, to luxury hotels, to hostels and cheap hotels, we’ve included something for everyone.  We hope this site will help you plan your trip to Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is every holiday-maker’s paradise. There is always something exciting happening, all year round, from parties and parades to international tech startup conferences to arts and entertainment. There is nowhere better to mix business and pleasure than Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is the second most populous city in Israel, located right in the center of the country. Only a half hour drive from the country’s Ben Gurion International Airport, Tel Aviv is Israel’s cultural and financial capital, boasting the highest density of startups in the world. Whether you’re planning on only visiting Tel Aviv or you want to travel around the country it makes sense to stay in the city.

Using Tel Aviv as your home base for traveling around the country makes travel a breeze. It’s easy to get everywhere by rental car, bus or train. There are also plenty of day trip tours to Israel’s most popular tourist destinations, like the Dead Sea or Jerusalem, that will pick you up from your Tel Aviv hotel.

Tel Aviv isn’t a large city, as cosmopolitan cities go, but we all know that great things come in small packages. You’ll find an abundance of experiences packed into this small area.

Tel Aviv is well known for its nightlife and no matter what you’re into you’ll always find something going on to interest you, whether you enjoy a night at the opera, some light jazz or you just want to party. The city also hosts various festivals all year long, including a week of Gay Pride activities every June.

There’s lots of shopping to be done in Tel Aviv, and besides the international-type malls, where you’ll find many well known international brands, as well as some local favorites, such as Michal Negrin ,Tamnoon and Fox, Tel Aviv’s markets are a must. 

It’s really easy to explore this wonderful city by bicycle (there are bike rentals all over the city, all you need is a credit card and you’re ready to go) or even by foot, although the bus system is not at all bad and there is a great taxi app.

Discover Old Jaffa with its magnificent old city and vibrant flea market (you never know what gems you might find there) and the buzzing Port of Tel Aviv, and take time to stroll through the old neighborhoods of the city, like Neve Tzedek (stop in at the old Train Station) and the up-and-coming Florentin neighborhood with its bohemian vibe.  

Stroll around and see why Tel Aviv is known as the White City (Clue: World Heritage Site). Take a tour of the city (some are offered for free) and learn more about the city’s markets, architecture, street art and more. There are loads of things to do in Tel Aviv, you can visit some of Tel Aviv’s incredible museums, eat some of the world’s best food in the city’s many great restaurants, or just savor your time and relax in the sun at your hotel’s pool or on the warm Mediterranean beach.

Whatever you choose to do we are sure that you’re going to love Tel Aviv!

There is no way talking about coming to Israel – without COVID19 situation. Israel is considered to be a red country with recent increase in number of infected and deaths. If you still want to fly in – you’ll need a private covid test (PCR) done and updated 72 hours prior your arrival.

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Boutique Hotels In Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv has been nicknamed the ‘Mediterranean Capital of Cool’ and the ‘City that Never Stops’; more and more tourists are flocking to this coastal city every year.


Cheap hotels in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is, in a word – awesome, and more and more people are realizing that. The City that Never Sleeps has something for everyone, and even if you’re on a tight travel budget you shouldn’t give this city a miss.


Tel Aviv’s Best Restaurants

Tel Aviv is known for its amazing beaches, great nightlife offerings and excellent food culture.  With a choice so vast that it’s difficult to decide where to eat every day we have decided to introduce you to some of the city’s best restaurants (as reviewed on popular media), and hopefully save you some precious time and hard decision making during your visit.


Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the big city. Even though it is located on a busy road, a short walk from Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center and the HaShalom Train Station, you will forget that you’re in the middle of a metropolis the moment you reach the market.


Everything you need to know about Flights to Tel Aviv

Planning a trip to Tel Aviv but still have a few questions before you book your flights? We’ll try to answer all your questions about flights to Tel Aviv here.

Israel has one major international airport and that is Ben Gurion Airport, which is situated near the town of Lod, about a half hour drive from Tel Aviv (that’s not accounting for high traffic times).


Ben Gurion Airport

Israel’s main airport, Ben Gurion Airport is known locally as Natbag. The airport was named after Israel’s first Prime Minister, David Ben Gurion, in 1973. The international airport is located about 20 km to the southeast of Tel Aviv near the city of Lod, which is about a half hour drive to Tel Aviv (not accounting for heavy traffic times).


Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market

Sarona Market in Tel Aviv is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the big city. Even though it is located on a busy road, a short walk from Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center and the HaShalom Train Station, you will forget that you’re in the middle of a metropolis the moment you reach the market.

Most Popular Places

Old Jaffa, Israel

The Old City of Jaffa (or Yafo, as it’s called in Hebrew) sits right next to Tel Aviv and the two share a municipality, making it, in effect, a part of the city of Tel Aviv, but the two are really as different as chalk and cheese. While Tel Aviv is young and modern Jaffa really is old, in fact, it is one of the most ancient sea ports in the Mediterranean Basin.

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Tel Aviv is Israel’s second largest city, after Jerusalem, with a population of 435,000, and it is considered Israel’s cultural capital. It is situated in the middle of Israel’s Mediterranean coast, located perfectly to be used by tourists as a base for touring the whole country.