Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market


Sarona Market in Tel Aviv is a beautiful oasis in the heart of the big city. Even though it is located on a busy road, a short walk from Tel Aviv’s Azrieli Center and the HaShalom Train Station, you will forget that you’re in the middle of a metropolis the moment you reach the market.

Sarona Market fulfills a need for a closed food market in Tel Aviv which keeps shoppers out of the blazing sun in the summer and the rain in the winter, making it Israel’s largest indoor culinary market. The market is air-conditioned, so even if you can’t escape the crowds, you can escape the heat.

The Market is home to 91 businesses; shops, stalls and restaurants that offer a great variety of  culinary delights, including all the Israeli delicacies you have come to know and those which you still have to get to know. Sarona is the place for you to buy tasty Israeli gifts to take home to your family and friends.

The Market is built on an area of 8,700 square meters on a 140 year old Templar Colony that was founded by Christian pilgrims from Germany and was known as Sarona.  The Templar settlement was one of the first modern agricultural settlements in the area. Over the years the settlers left but the original buildings are still standing and have been restored to their former glory as part of the Market.


Doing Sarona Market with Kids

Most kids don’t enjoy walking around crowded markets, but Sarona is a different kind of market. First, the whole complex is situated in a park, so the kids can run around and explore before coming indoors to have a bite to eat. Just keep an eye on the little ones, because there are ponds in the gardens. There are also two playgrounds for children – one for toddlers and one for bigger kids. And, Sarona Market even has a Kids Club, which is open on Sunday between 4pm-7pm and on Saturday between 11am-3pm. Entrance is free. The Kids Club offers board games, bouncy castles, puzzles and an arts and crafts corner. There is also a pop-up Baby Market for mothers and babies.



A large part of the complex is made up of retail outlets, and not only food. There are shops spread around the outdoor area of the complex selling designer clothes and boutique housewares and you’ll even find a branch of iDigital.

Among the food stalls and stands you’ll find:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables, straight from the farm
  • Quality cheeses from Israel and abroad
  • A large selection of baked goods
  • Meat & poultry, fish & seafood
  • Delis and gourmet food stores
  • Pantry products for Asian cooking
  • Spices and nuts
  • Pastries, sweets, halva and lots of chocolate
  • Frozen yogurt, ice cream & smoothies
  • Wine, beer & spirits
  • Coffee & tea
  • And other shops, including kitchenware and health products


Tastings & Tours

Any foodie worth their weight in cheese will want a tasting tour of the Market.


The Tel Aviv Municipality offers a Sarona Market Tour every Friday at 11am.

“Discover the history and heritage of the restored colony at the heart of Tel-Aviv. Where urban adventure meets shopping experience.”

Meeting point: Sarona Visitors Center, 14 Avraham Albert Mendler St. | +972 (0)3-516-6188



With so many wonderful restaurants in one space your visit to the Sarona Market may take some planning.

The offerings include Mexican food, Indian food, seafood, Italia, burgers, Asian, Israeli food, Max Brenner’s chocolate restaurant, and more!

The Market houses a large food hall with a variety of food stalls and shops as well as restaurants.



Chef Ran Shmueli’s Mediterranean kitchen, Claro, is a local favorite. Located in a huge restored Templar building the chef’s menu features seasonal products from the best local produce. All other ingredients on the menu such as meat, fish, and olive oil are also based on Israeli products, with the aim of promoting local industry and environmental responsibility.

Price: Dinner for two (including drinks): around NIS 300 – 400


Segev Concept

Israel’s beloved Chef Segev Moshe has a branch of his Segev Concept restaurants at Sarona.

“Chef Segev has always relished eating at local Shawarma stands, and now he has decided to take this enticing recipe to a new level and blend it with classic and successful flavors from all over the world.”Segev Concept” combines three food stands in one site: At “Segev Concept” you’ll find combinations of flavors and aromas from east and west, all on one plate, as part of the beloved, classic Israeli Shawarma recipe. At “Segev Concept” we make our dumplings fresh on site, bringing flavors from over the world to our clientele. Chef Segev will introduce you to his favorite flavors from his travels around the world.”


Tasting Room

Visit the Tasting Room wine shop to sample from a wide selection of wines stored and poured directly from an innovative automatic pouring system that allows pouring more than 20 different types of wine of various sizes and price levels, so several wines can be tasted simultaneously before committing to buy a full glass or whole bottle.


Whiskey Bar & Museum

The Whiskey Bar & Museum at Sarona Market is one of the largest complexes of its kind anywhere in the world, combining a bar-restaurant and a whiskey museum in one unique location. A must-visit for any Whiskey lover.


Guli’s Desserts

You can’t leave the market without satisfying your sweet tooth and Guli’s is the perfect place to do just that.  Indulge in decadent donut holes, Belgian waffles and Italian ice cream.

If you prefer to have an old fashioned picnic outside on the lawns of the Sarona complex, you can get your food to go, in a beautiful picnic basket with a blanket.

How to get there:

The Market is located in a central part of the city, so it is easy to get there by public transportation, by bike or foot, or by car.

There are a couple of parking lots close by on HaArba’a St.


Keep in mind that most of the stores and restaurants are not kosher.





Sarona Market operates seven days a week:

Sun-Thurs: 09:00-23:00

Friday: 08:00-18:00

Saturday: 09:00-23:00



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