Tel Aviv Beach Hotels


There’s nothing quite like a beach vacation for those of us who spend most of the year dreaming of a couple of weeks relaxation on the golden sand with a few pauses to dip in the warm Mediterranean Sea. For some holiday makers, it’s not really a vacation if they don’t spend their time relaxing on the beach, but a beach holiday in Tel Aviv means that if you want you can divide your time between relaxing on the beach, sight seeing and partying.

Tel Aviv is the coolest coastal city in the Middle East and it is known for its year-round party scene. But, there is more to this amazing city than just the beach and its fantastic nightlife.

No matter when during the year you decide to vacation in Tel Aviv you’ll probably have great weather. Almost every day of the year is sunny, with a few overcast and rainy days during the winter.

Having said that, the four seasons do have different weather conditions; summer (May–August) is hot and humid, winter (December –February) is mild, with some rain, and spring (March-April) and autumn (September – December) are warm and less humid than the summer.

Summer is Tel Aviv’s peak tourist season, so if you are planning on visiting the city in the summer we recommend making reservations well in advance because rooms tend to get booked fast.


First time visitors to this bustling city are surprised at how small the city really is, with a radius of only 60 kilometers, the city is home to 3.9 million people (which is about 45% of the Israeli population). The city has about 8,000 hotel rooms, with new hotels and B&B’s popping up all the time.

Tel Aviv boasts a stunning 8.7 mile (14 kilometer) long strip of 13 beaches with a promenade that extends along the beaches from north of the Tel Aviv Port to Jaffa in the south. The promenade is always full of people strolling, jogging, cycling or even taking Segway tours along the beach front. And it is lined with some of Tel Aviv’s beach hotels.


Being a small city, Tel Aviv is very walkable and easy to explore if you want to take some time away from the beach and do some sight seeing.

For those who prefer not to walk the city has a good bus system and you can also take a taxi or a sherut (a mini bus that follows the no. 4 and no. 5 bus routes). We don’t suggest driving in the city because it is very difficult to find parking and it can also be costly. Also, many of the streets in Tel Aviv are one way streets, which just makes it easier if someone else does the driving.

And, for those who want to be really efficient and get some exercise while touring around the city the fastest way – there are bicycles to rent all over Tel Aviv.

Tel Aviv is not just a beach and party city. There are plenty of places to visit and things to do all over. Art lovers will enjoy a visit to the Tel Aviv Museum of Art and the dozens of art galleries spread all over the city. History buffs will love the Erez Israel Museum or any of the other local museums, where they will learn about the history of the city and of Israel. Love shopping? There are plenty of indoor and outdoor markets and malls to visit in Tel Aviv. And, for the foodies, you will be spoiled for choice!


Staying At a Tel Aviv Beach Hotel

The Tel Aviv beachfront is lined with hotels and hostels. You’ll find accommodation for every budget here. The beachfront is the perfect base location for your holiday in Tel Aviv. What more could you ask for than a central location with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean?

The beachfront hotels are situated in a perfect spot, overlooking the beach with the city of Tel Aviv surrounding them on the north, south and east. The whole area is full of restaurants, cafés, clubs and pubs. And, it is only a short walk to Tel Aviv’s Carmel Market and other must-visit tourist sites, like the Neve Tzedek neighborhood and the Old Train Station.

When you stay at a beach hotel in Tel Aviv the whole city is at your fingertips. Whether you want to take in a show, go shopping, absorb some of the local culture, eat at Tel Aviv’s outstanding restaurants or just relax at the pool or on the beach, you are already right there at the center of it all.


The following is a list of some of our favorite Tel Aviv beach accommodations:

Dan Hotel Tel Aviv – Tel Aviv’s first luxury hotel is still running strong on the seafront.

Royal Beach Tel Aviv – boasts fab views and is just a stroll away from it all!

Hilton Tel Aviv – this hotel even has its own beach named after it!

Carlton Tel Aviv – located on Tel Aviv’s beachfront hotel strip, the Carlton is a luxurious oasis in the city.

Sheraton Tel Aviv – another gem, located right in the heart of the seaside promenade.

Beachfront Hostel – a delightful hostel located where it’s all happening, on the Herbert Samuel Promenade opposite the beach.

HaYarkon Hostel – another lovely hostel that is only one block away from the beach.


While most of the beach hotels are situated together in one area of the beachfront, it is only a short walk to most of Tel Aviv’s other beaches:


Frischmann Beach – an urban beach, located near the main hotel strip and bustling promenade, with white sands, workout equipment, restaurants, beach-volleyball courts.

Gordon Beach – an urban beach with volleyball courts, a seawater swimming pool, workout equipment, a playground, and a boardwalk with many restaurants and bars.

Hilton Beach – Tel Aviv’s official gay beach; a sandy, dog-friendly beach known for its surfing, volleyball and kayaking facilities.

Mezizim Beach – a laid-back beach with an unassuming atmosphere; beachfront eateries and beach chair rentals are available.

Jerusalem Beach – an urban beach with volleyball courts, workout equipment, a playground, and a kite surfing area.

North Zuk Beach -located on the border with Herzliya; beach chair rentals and beach sport facilities are available.

South Zuk Beach – an expansive beach, ideal for sunset views.

Tel Baruch Beach – a secluded beach located away from the main hotel strip; ideal for families.

The Religious Beach – separate swimming days for men and women, except on Saturday.

Bograshov Beach – a laid-back sandy beach, featuring a playground and workout equipment.

Charles Clore Beach – a sandy beach with great waves for surfing.

Aviv Beach – a sandy beach, featuring a café, workout equipment and beach sports.

Givat Aliyah Beach – a secluded beach located in Jaffa that offers various sports facilities; located near the Peres Center for Peace and Innovation.


Beach Sports

Many of Tel Aviv’s beaches have sports facilities and almost everywhere you go you’ll see people playing Israel’s favorite beach sport – matkot (beach paddleball). Surfing is a popular sport in Israel and you can rent a board or take a lesson at the Topsea Surf Center on Hayarkon Street, or you learn to scuba dive with Dive Tel Aviv.


Tel Aviv is the perfect getaway for any type of vacation. And, a beach hotel is the perfect place to enjoy your time in this bustling city.



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