Tel Aviv’s Best Restaurants


Tel Aviv is known for its amazing beaches, great nightlife offerings and excellent food culture.  With a choice so vast that it’s difficult to decide where to eat every day we have decided to introduce you to some of the city’s best restaurants (as reviewed on popular media), and hopefully save you some precious time and hard decision making during your visit.

Whether you’re on vacation, a family visit or in Tel Aviv on business, there is one thing that all tourists in the city have in common – they all have to eat.

Tel Aviv is known for its amazing beaches, great nightlife offerings and excellent food culture.  With a choice so vast that it’s difficult to decide where to eat every day we have decided to introduce you to some of the city’s best restaurants (as reviewed on popular media), and hopefully save you some precious time and hard decision making during your visit.

Whether you’re on vacation, a family visit or in Tel Aviv on business, there is one thing that all tourists in the city have in common – they all have to eat.

Best Brunch Restaurant:


Hotel Montefiore Restaurant

Brunch is one of the most loved meals and there is no shortage of amazing breakfast/brunch restaurants in town, but this is one name that came up every time we asked about the best brunch in Tel Aviv.

Hotel Montefiore Restaurant is one of Tel Aviv’s most popular brunch spots with the “in” crowd. Definitely the best place to brunch if you want to see and be seen. 

The hotel’s renowned brunch affords innovative takes on culinary classics such as Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon, pancakes with seasonal fruit and maple syrup, toasted challa bread, jambon, Gouda, roasted tomato and poached eggs, spinach, cream, sourdough bread.

The restaurant was rated 4.5 Excellent (561 reviews) on TripAdvisor and the Telegraph gave it an 8/10.

Price: dinner for two (including drinks) around NIS 400

36 Montefiore St., Tel Aviv | Tel: 03 564 6100 

Best Israeli – Mediterranean Restaurant (also: best hipster eatery)



We decided to add Brunch by Bellboy to our list because it seems that wherever we ask about Tel Aviv’s best brunch Bellboy is mentioned.

If you’re looking for a delicious brunch with a fun and quirky atmosphere, and almost a theatrical performance, then Bellboy is the place.

Inside Hotel B Berdichevsky in the heart of Tel Aviv, you’ll find a 1920s speakeasy type bar. This memorable prix fixe brunch costs NIS 120 per person, including a breakfast cocktail, (cocktails other than those included on the brunch menu cost another NIS 50), and it is worth the rather steep price for the delicious food and fun atmosphere.

The brunch includes an endless variety of starters, such as a tower of hot bagels, sunflower bread, banana and dark chocolate bread, mini brioche, and all the fixings, and a main course of your choice, and an all-important morning cocktail.

Added bonus: the unique décor at the Bellboy will look amazing on your Instagram!

This Facebook review says it all:

“Most brunches are more of the same most of the time, and here the salad-dip-bread-2 eggs of your selection was neglected thankfully and was replaced with the divine soup with cornflakes for the opening. And then we got plates of salmon, tuna, eggs salad and cream with tomatoes. And breads aside accompanied by butter and jam.
And it was all so great. And fresh.

Then for the main dish I ordered a well-made eggs benedict dish with pork and bacon inside, and my wife ordered the pumpkin pancakes which were sweet and different and soooo good.
Also for the cocktail I took the arais coffee which was surprising and tasty.

We had no room for desserts though…

The atmosphere is so relaxing and humorous (the soundtrack in the background for instance, or the baby stroller with the oysters and alcohol…) and above all the service was great: fast, informative and every request or question were answered right away.

Recommended with no hint of a doubt!!!!”

14 Berdichevsky St., Tel Aviv | Tel: 03-728-9213

Fri, Sat 11:00-16:00



Port Said

Rated a 4.5 (519 reviews) on TripAdvisor, Port Said, Chef Eyal Shani’s stylish-casual restaurant, can be found on every list of must-visit eateries in Tel Aviv. Timeout calls Port Said, “Possibly the coolest spot in Tel Aviv, this outdoor hangout is the capital of Tel Avivian hipster life.”

Port Said is located right next to Tel Aviv’s Great Synagogue, and the Chef’s innovative menu features simple Israeli-style dishes, like baked cauliflower head with butter and cream, lima beans msabbcha and the best French toast ever!

673 people rated the restaurant a 4.5 out of 5 on Facebook. We loved this Facebook review of the restaurant that describes Port Said to a tee:

Addicted. The service & food are just wonderful- it feels like you’re with a hundred friends at a massive picnic. One of the most consistent places in all of the city and very deserving of its success. Btw always order the Arab cabbage, the Jericho beans and the eggplant.”

Price: dinner for two with drinks NIS 150

5 Har Sinai St., Tel Aviv 

Sun-Thu 12:00-02:00, Fri 11:00-16:00, Sat 18:00-02:00


Best Street Food


You can’t walk more than a few steps in Tel Aviv without passing at least one street food stall, so choosing the best is an impossible task. There’s also so much variety, but if we have to choose only one we have to go with Jasmino- the hole in the wall that encompasses Israeli food: charcoal grilled kebab in the best pita you will get anywhere with grilled veggies and a light spread of tahini.

Jasmino does not have a very long menu, nor does it have an internet presence or even a telephone number, but you won’t miss it because there’s always a long line of hungry locals outside, no matter what time of the day or night.

This hole in the wall must be doing it right because it’s been featured on almost every list of Tel Aviv’s best street foods and was rated 5.0 (31 reviews) on TripAdvisor.

 97 Allenby St., Tel Aviv


Best Kosher Restaurant

Lechem Basar

Tel Aviv is by no means a religious city, but recently more and more excellent kosher restaurants have started to appear in the city, making it difficult to select just one “best” kosher restaurant. For example, Chef Meir Adoni’s Blue Sky and Lumina restaurants at the Carlton Hotel are considered two of the best kosher eateries in the city, but for this list we are going with Lechem Basar  (Meat and Eat) at the Tel Aviv Port.

Even if you don’t keep kosher you’ll enjoy the good meat, the taboon-oven baked bread and the Namal atmosphere.  Lechem Basar also offers a special lunch deal.

Super good! Great hamburgers! Very good kosher meat! Environment easy going but menu is great also try the focaccia very which is very good!”

1 Yordi Hasira, Hangar 14 Tel Aviv Port, Tel Aviv | Tel: 053-4872356

Opening hours: Sunday – Thursday 12:00 – Last customer Friday 12:00 – 2 hours before Shabbat starts Saturday half an hour after Shabbat ends – 01:00


Best Café

Israel is known for its good coffee and that means that you don’t have to go far in Tel Aviv to find a great cup of java – but that also means that it’s very difficult to decide on the best café in the city. This is made even more difficult when you realize that every neighborhood has its own favorite coffee shop and of course everyone has an opinion on which is best!

Of course it’s impossible to choose just one, so because it’s coffee, and it’s necessary to drink more than one cup a day, we’ll give you a couple of our favorite local cafés.


Coffee Shop 51

Google rates this little neighborhood gem a 4.6 (319 reviews). The place is popular with a young, hipster crowd and serious coffee lovers who enjoy the variety of roasts. A charming café that offers delicious in-house roasted coffee, sandwiches and pastries, with a super-friendly staff and cozy atmosphere.

Make like a local and get your coffee fix at Coffee Shop 51 at 51 Ahad Ha’Am St., Tel Aviv

Opening hours: Sun-Thu 07:00-20:00, Fri 07:00-18:00, Sat 09:00-20:00


Cafe XoHo

Another favorite is Cafe XoHo – “a little cafe with BIG ideas”.  You may forget that you’re in Tel Aviv when you visit this international vegetarian café which was founded by an ex Canadian and an ex South African. All the signage is in English and you’ll hear a multitude of different languages while you sit and enjoy your coffee and tasty choice of sweet or savory treats.

Café XoHo has a 4.5 rating (392 reviews) on TripAdvisor and has made its way to many lists of best café recommendations, including Haaretz’s list of the 10 best cafés in Tel Aviv.

17 Gordon St., Tel Aviv | Tel: 072-249-5497


Best Upscale Restaurant

Yes, you’re going to hear it again – there are too many restaurants to choose the best in this category. The variety of different types of culinary delights that can be found in Tel Aviv in itself makes this an impossibility. So, we will leave you with a couple of our favorite upscale Tel Aviv restaurants.


Chef Moshe Aviv’s Modern Israeli restaurant is an Israeli culinary experience not to be missed, from the winning design – white curtains, white polished marble floors, and a long white communal table with a polished burl wood top running down the center of the dining room, surrounded by upholstered white armchairs, to the colorful dishes.

The menu consists of Israeli heirloom dishes, passed down from the Chef’s mother. Brick oven baked bread, Shakshuka sashimi, Veal “baklava”, all made from superb raw materials. The Chef’s out-of-the-box Israeli-Mediterranean dishes and mixed cooking techniques ensure an unforgettable culinary experience.

Messa has a three star Frommer’s rating and 4.5 (764 reviews) on TripAdvisor.

Expensive but worth it. One of the best in Tel Aviv. The ravioli is mandatory – with the right amount of truffle and cooked to perfection. The ambience is also unique, clean and very elegant. Service was very good, never leaving a guest unattended. Need reservation, but it is worth the visit and the price.”

19 HaArba’a St., Tel Aviv | Tel: 03-685–6859

Reservation is required (at least 2 days in advance)

Price: dinner for two (including drinks): around NIS 400-500

Opening hours: Sun-Sat 12:00-15:30 and 19:00-23:30



The Salon (the “Living Room”) is another of celebrity chef, Eyal Shani’s, restaurants. Note that HaSalon is only open on Wednesday and Thursday nights, so plan ahead and make a reservation.

A Wednesday or Thursday night at HaSalon is not just another ordinary meal out.  Get ready for a full food experience. Entertainment consists of watching Chef Eyal Shani in a real life cooking show – he prepares the dishes in front of customers, tenderly and expertly cutting and seasoning his unpretentious delights.

The menu changes regularly, according to the raw materials that are available in the market on the day, and of course, the Chef’s mood.

The experience is paired with a playlist that ranges from Israeli music to Beyoncé and has the diners dancing on the tables. The place can get noisy, but that is just part of the charm of the Salon experience.

This TripAdvisor review from July 2018 sums up the whole experience:

Farm to Table Dancing

One of the most memorable dining experiences to date. HaSalon is only open on Wednesdays and Thursdays and only has 2 seatings, 7pm and 10pm. For those lucky enough to get a 10pm spot, HaSalon literally morphs into a nightclub while you are eating your 2nd course. The lights grow dinner, the music pumps louder, and before you know it you are dancing atop the very table you were just eating harissa dressed vegetables on. The menu changes weekly, the food is stellar, but the energy is unlike anything I have ever experienced. Book well in advance and savor every moment.”


8 Ma’avar Yabok, Tel Aviv | Tel: 052-703-5888

Reserve as early as you can in advance

Price: dinner for two (including drinks): around NIS 600

Opening hours: Wed-Thu 19:00-24:00

Accommodation in Tel Aviv

Now that you know where to eat while you’re in town, take a look at our some of the Tel Aviv hotels that we recommend. Whether you prefer to stay at a luxury hotel, a boutique hotel or a budget hotel, we have the ideal options for you.

In Conclusion

Picking the best restaurants in every category was a difficult job, especially since we know there are so many others that are deserving of the title too, but we are hoping to give you a taste of what Tel Aviv has to offer and hope you’ll be back to try out more of the delicious local food culture.



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